5 Different Kinds of Kisses and What They Mean

Kissing may be the best form of foreplay. They can be tender, passionate, angry, and can make or break a sexual connection. I, for one, have experienced some amazing kisses. Just two weeks ago, I started seeing a new guy whose kisses rocked my world. There was lust and desire. We had similar kissing techniques. It was just hot. 

I haven’t always been this fortunate. My first kiss was at 16 and it was a dud. Torpedo Tongue, as I called him, attacked my mouth with fervor. He was on a mission. Unfortunately, he failed to please. Over and out!

Still, I choose to remember the kisses that have moved my heart and my loins. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. Here are five different kinds of kisses and what they mean.

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    5 Different Kinds of Kisses and What They Mean

    Kisses come in various forms and here are just a few to enjoy! 

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    Tap Kiss

    A tap kiss is a quick way to show your affection without putting on a show. You can also plant one on your honey with firmness. Or a peck right before bed. This kiss means that there is a level of comfort within the relationship. A routine has been established. You don't have to show your love by sticking your tongue down his throat every five seconds. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/the8rgrl.

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    Passionate Kiss The Notebook

    Do you know how M&M's melt in your mouth? That's what this kiss feels like. It is less about technique and more about passion and connection, like that of Noah and Allie's. I love these kisses. They don't come along often. Photo Credit: IMDB. 

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    Kinky Kiss

    Kinky kisses usually consist of biting and tongue pulling. What does it all mean? You want to turn it up a notch. These are great during hot hot lovemaking. Paddle not included. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/Malink. 

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    Angry Kiss

    When we're angry and upset at our partner, a kiss is the last thing we want or need. But, they try anyway. They are apologetic and come closer so they can plant a kiss on us. These kisses are just what they seem - a little angry with a dash of "I'm sorry."Photo Credit: Flickr.com/Izmar.

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    Goodbye Kiss

    Also known as the "goodbye kiss," this kiss occurs when you part ways with your honey. Whether he is going overseas to be at war or he's going on vacation with his boys, this kiss is made to last. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/1shotonly.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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