5 Fun and Frightful Ideas for a Spooky Date Night

I’ve always been forthcoming about my disdain for all things scary. I hate being scared which for that reason, among other reasons makes Halloween my least favorite holiday ever. My husband however is the exact opposite. He likes scary movies and attending amusement parks during Halloween because in his eyes a good scare is fun. In my eyes a good scare is a reason to run to the bathroom because it is likely that at that moment my bladder has failed me. Around this time of year a carefully calculated release of the world “boo” is enough to have me jumping out of my skin. But for those of you who are much braver than I am, able to remember in the heat of the moment that the guy standing in the corn maze with a mask is not really going to kill you, a spooky date seems like a fun alternative to your normal date night routine. Take a look 5 date ideas that are perfect for a couple who likes to incorporate a little bit of fright into their date night!

  • 5 Fun and Frightful Ideas for a Spooky Date Night 1 of 6
    5 Fun and Frightful Ideas for a Spooky Date Night

    Take a look at 5 ideas for a Halloween inspired date night!

  • Find your way through a corn maze 2 of 6

    I bet you are thinking that walking around a corn maze is the least scary thing ever. But depending on when and where you go it can be just the opposite. Some pumpkin patches have haunted corn mazes come sun down. As soon as the sun sets a frightful frenzy of scary people make their way into the corn and it definitely isn't corn they are hunting for it's you!

  • Go to a Haunted House 3 of 6
    Haunted House #3

    If you're more of an indoor type then you may want to visit a Haunted House. Like the corn maze, this is also very scary but indoors.

  • Get dressed up and go to a costume party 4 of 6

    Put on your costume and head to a costume party. Be prepared for a little scare action since there are sure to be some scary faces making their way to the dance floor.

  • Go see or rent a scary movie 5 of 6
    Scared People Tossing Popcorn

    Around this time of year some cities host viewings of scary movies in the park allowing for a creepy cinema experience and some theaters have special showings of scary movies. Of course you could always rent one of the classics and curl up in the middle of the couch.

  • Go to an amusement park 6 of 6

    Head to an amusement park and ride something scary! Some amusement parks run roller-coasters backwards on Halloween others up the scary on rides that are already known to make you shudder in fear. An example of a ride that is sure to make you scream The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at California Adventure. For me that ride is definitely tear inducing.


These are just a handful of the things you can do to blend fun and fright into your date night. And the best part about getting scared while in the presence of your date is the fact that you’ve got an arm to squeeze and someone to bury your face into as you try to escape the monsters. Unless of course your date is the one afraid of them. Do you have any ideas for a spookatular date night?

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