7 Habits That May Be Keeping You Single

Marriage is intended to be the last relationship you have of this type. The divorce rates tell a different story, but the wedding vows most couples make say “’til death do us part.” That is a serious commitment. When someone marries you, they plan to be with you and all your habits (good and bad) for life. Could some of your habits be keeping you single?

An article on YourTango talks about deal breakers that end relationships. Perhaps some of these habits are keeping the marriage relationship from ever getting started. The article is based on a study which reveals the most annoying break-up worthy habits.  Some on the list may be unexpected.  You may be doing them, and have no idea they are putting the breaks on your happily ever after dreams.

Take a look at the habits and a look in the mirror.  If you have any of them is it worthy of missing out on a great relationship?

Here are 7 habits that may be keeping you single.

  • 7 Habits That May Be Keeping You Single 1 of 8
    7 Habits That May Be Keeping You Single

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  • You stink! 2 of 8
    You stink

    Your hygiene is pretty important. This goes for girls and guys. Your future spouse is going to want to cuddle. Make sure getting close to you is a pleasant experience. Check your hygiene!

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  • You are VERY well known at the bar 3 of 8
    You smoke and drink too much

    Drinking and possibly smoking in college at parties and frat and sorority houses may have been cool. Your ability to outdrink everybody in the room is no longer an appealing asset when it could mean your spouse cleaning up your messes and carrying you home.

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  • You curse like a sailor 4 of 8
    You cures like a sailor

    At some point you may want to have kids ... who don't know every curse word before they are seven. Clean up your language some, as it could be quite unattractive.

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  • Your spending habits are reckless 5 of 8
    Your spending habits are reckless

    The wedding vows say "til DEATH do us part." Not "til DEBT do us part." Get your spending habits and finances in order so you don't burden your marriage and family with financial issues.

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  • You are lazy 6 of 8
    You are lazy

    You're cute and all. You may be very handsome. But lazy habits will eventually catch up with you, and they will probably reveal themselves in some unexpected places (or body parts).

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  • You talk too much 7 of 8
    You talk too much

    Blah blah blah blah blah. Silence is golden sometimes. If you have to constantly talk, spend all day on the phone, or never give your mate a chance to speak, they may run the other way and you may be too busy talking about it to notice.

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  • Social media is your life 8 of 8
    Social media is your life

    If your social media updates are in any way similar to the photo above, I need to say no more.

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What is a deal breaking relationship pet peeve to you?

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