5 Important Responsibilities of Every Bridesmaid

responsibilites of a bridesmaidEarlier this month I received the best news: My brother and his girlfriend are engaged! As if that news wasn’t exciting enough, I was asked (and of course said yes!) to be a bridesmaid, and it’s such an awesome honor. Though I have held the title of “maid of honor” and even “best man,” I have yet to fill the spot of bridesmaid in a wedding before.

It’s a real honor to play such a key role in someone’s big, important day and I know when I accepted the title, I also accepted the responsibilities that come along with it.

If you need a brush-up on the important responsibilities, here are 5 that you should make sure you’re ready to take on before you agree to be a bridesmaid.

1. Being invested in the little details

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your own wedding, if this is your 50th time being a bridesmaid, or if you just hate weddings — you need to be invested in all those small details. They matter to the bride and even if you have to fake it, do it. This means you have to talk wedding colors, honeymoon plans, who to invite, and listen to the “Well, I can’t sit this family member next to this one” debates.

2. Keeping the bride in check

Don’t let her turn into a bridezilla and boss you around. There is some truth in brides-to-be being stressed out — I mean, they do have a lot to do. It’s your job to help them keep it classy. Read up on what a bridezilla looks like and nip it in the bud before it comes close.

3. Being honest, but kind when it comes to the dress

One big to-do task as a bridesmaid is to help choose the dress and be present for the dress fittings. Yes, sometimes it feels like it will drag on forever as you’re searching through the tenth rack of the fourth store, but be honest. Don’t tell the bride-to-be that you “love the dress” if you really think it’s not her style. Be polite, but be honest … that’s why she asked you in the first place.

4. Helping plan the parties

You have engagement parties, bridal showers, and the bachelorette parties to plan. Sure, you won’t be planning them on your own as they’re the responsibility of everyone in the party, but your role is important. Make sure you stick to every task and deadline because the last thing you want is to let the bride- and groom-to-be down.

5. Keeping the bride calm on the big day

I was a nervous wreck on my wedding day, not because I didn’t want to get married but because it’s a day that would live on in importance forever. As a bridesmaid, it’s important to take on the stress before it hits the bride. Try to think for her (pack those extra things she may need, like clear nail polish or another set of pantyhose), so she won’t be freaking out just before walking down the aisle.

Will you be holding the title of bridesmaid this summer?

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