5 Love Songs to Turn Off When Heartbroken

I am recently single. Most of the time, I feel awesome. My ex and I weren’t a match and I have no doubt the relationship needed to end. Then a love song comes on the radio. A man croons about the best love he’s ever had on one track, while a woman sings in a smooth and seductive voice about a man who moves her, seduces her, woos her. And that’s when I miss being in love. When these sexy songs come on the radio, I want to crawl into a cave and live off the land. I want to sob like a teenager who was rejected by the hot quarterback.

Have you ever felt the same? Sure you have! It’s like a woman’s right of passage. But it doesn’t have to hurt so bad. If we only tune out certain tunes, we will heal much faster. Here are five love songs to mute when heartbroken and recently single.

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    5 Love Songs to Turn Off When Heartbroken

    Heart broken? Check out the slideshow of songs you should tune out. 

  • From This Moment On 2 of 6

    "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain is a tough pill to swallow when heartbroken. The song was written by Shania for her then husband and is also a very popular wedding song. Shania and her hubby are now divorced after he cheated on her with one of her friends. I say skip this on your playlist or you will reminisce about a marriage that never was.

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  • Halo 3 of 6
    Halo -Beyonce

    "Halo" by Beyonce is a classic love song. She speaks of a man who has changed her life and who's love is so special that she compares him to an angel. The last thing you want to listen to is a song about a pure love when you're coping with heart break.

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  • Bust Your Windows 4 of 6

    "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan will make you feel like the "Incredible Hulk." She literally sings about busting a man's car window after being betrayed. Put down the crowbar and forget you ever heard these lyrics. Unless you want jail time. 

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  • Sexual Healing and Best You Ever Had 5 of 6

    "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" is a lot like Barry White's "Sexual Healing." No matter where you are emotionally, when you hear both of these songs you want to get some sweet, sweet loving. So, make sure to delete these songs from your iTunes as they will motivate you to call your ex. Or worse, call the guy who never stood a chance before you heard these smooth tunes.

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  • He Loves Me 6 of 6
    he loves me jill scott

    "He Loves Me" by Jill Scott makes me believe in love. It's a great song when you're in love and have someone so special that he incites you to chorus. But that's not where you are right now. Right now, you're heartbroken. This song will only remind you of the love that you don't have, or in my case a love I never had. Listen only when you have found the one. When that time comes, you can then sing "La da da da da da da da."

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