5 Online Dating Profile Photos that are Red Flags

Clicking through online dating profiles feels a lot like watching a movie trailer. A person’s photos are all fabulously displayed, so we are enticed to “wink,” chat or email.

The thing is profiles are usually skewed. Just like a movie trailer, we only share what sells. How many times have you watched a movie only to realize that the best part was in the one-minute reel? You sit there, munching on popcorn, feeling bamboozled!

And that’s exactly how you feel when your online date tricks you into thinking he’s 6’1″ and athletic.

How can women know if we’re getting the real deal? Here are five type of photos to watch out for when online dating.

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    5 Photos to Watch Out for When Online Dating

    Check out the slideshow to see the photos to be aware of when online dating.

  • The Far, Far and Away Photo 2 of 6
    BH Sign

    If every photo he has up shows him in the far off distance, he may be hiding his real height, especially if you look at his stats and he says he's 6'5." You can't tell if he's 5'2" or 6'2" because all you see is scenery. I see you trying to trick me by standing by The Eiffel Tower!

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez

  • The Three-Quarter Shot 3 of 6

    You know how celebrities know their good side? Well, some men do too. If every photo is a shot of his left side, or at an angle, there's a high probability that his right side is not so hot. Or that he has a huge honker. Make sure he has photos where he is facing the camera straight on as well.

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez

  • I Wear Sunglasses At Night 4 of 6
    Sunglasses at Night

    You know the dude. The dude who thinks he's Diddy and wears sunglasses at night. If he has sunglasses on in every photo, particularly at night, he is probably a jerk. And probably has beady little eyes.

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez

  • All About My Friends 5 of 6

    An online profile is supposed to be about you, not your friends. So, beware of men who only post group photos. He's probably hiding amongst all the folks that surround him. That may mean he's insecure. Or worse: he doesn't want you to know which one he.

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez

  • Drinks Up 6 of 6

    I like to have a drink once in awhile. I even take photos of fancy cocktails and post them on Instagram. But booze shouldn't be the focus when dating online. If he has photo after photo with drink in hand, well, he has a deep love for liquor. And partying. He may just be a frat boy at heart. Question is do you want a boy or a man?

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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