4 Reasons to Be Your Relationship’s Personal Photographer

I’ve been writing for Babble for one year now, and I’ve learned a lot while sharing my own lessons learned that I hope help all of you who read my articles. When I first started writing here, I rarely used my own photos in my articles. I’d find a stock photo site that offered free or low-cost royalty-free images then select one that fit.

Your own personal touch

Then the editors here at Babble shared with me and the other writers that readers love to see more personal images versus stock photos. Which makes sense because I read blogs and articles online as well, and I really enjoy reading an article and seeing a relevant photo of the actual author of the article. It seems to help me connect more with them and what they are saying.

So, I slowly began to use more of my personal images in my posts. In December I actually purchased a DSLR so I wasn’t limited to my smartphone camera, although smartphone cameras are great. At the advice of another blogger, I’ve begun taking my DSLR everywhere and taking as many photos as possible.

Your own library of relationship photos

The goal is to create my own digital library of personal photos that I can use for the blog posts and articles I write, not just for Babble and my site, but for all the other sites I write for as well. Little did I know that it would have an impact on my relationship, too.

Whether you are a blogger or not, I encourage you to do the same thing. A DSLR is not a must-have either. You can just use your trusty “old” smartphone, as most have high-quality cameras that will meet your needs.

Here are 4 reasons to be your relationship’s personal photographer:

1. It’s fun taking photos together

We have not been the best at setting up professional photo shoots for our family, let alone for just my wife and I. So taking a few minutes here and there to catch candid and posed shots is pretty fun. And bonus: we aren’t being charged for it. We can be as silly, serious, romantic, or playful as we want.

Personal family photog
Mother’s Day after our son’s basketball game

2. You capture and relive real moments

Some of the stuff we capture on camera we can’t share online. After getting used to the camera, you just do what you normally do like it’s not there. When I first began taking photos all the time, it seemed very hard to get a candid shot. Everybody was always sensing the camera and posing or putting their “Facebook face” on. Now, as you see below, we are a little more real.

My wife apparently threatening me w/a soda bottle (caught on tape!)
My wife apparently threatening me with a soda bottle (caught on tape!)

3. You capture your own beauty

When you see each other every day, you can take your spouse for granted. Getting behind the camera and taking photos of your wife will bring back that appreciation. The same for the ladies taking photos of their man.

Being the photog for your spouse can be amazing!
Being the photographer for your spouse can be amazing!

4. You capture your own romance

After having the camera for almost six months, I finally figured out how to use the timer. Actually my wife found out how to use it in about two minutes, then she taught me. I’m so glad she did, because now we can set the timer and take photos together instead of one of us always being behind the camera.

You can be a little more intimate in front of the camera when it's just you two
You can be a little more intimate in front of the camera when it’s just you two


Being your relationship’s personal photographer can create some fun, romantic, and engaging moments for you and your significant other. Then later, you get to check out your work and enjoy them all over again.

How often do you take photos or have photos taken of you and your spouse?

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photo credit: Jackie & Stephana Bledsoe

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