5 Signs It’s Been Too Long Since You’ve Been Out on a Date

I went on my first date since welcoming my fourth child at the start of this month, and before then, it had been a while since I went out on the town. Even though I have been married for just about 10 years and we have four children together, my husband and I both know carving time out to spend together, just the two of us, is important for our relationship.

Whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in between, going on a romantic date is good for your soul. I get cranky if it’s been too long since my husband and I go out on a date — just the two of us doing something to recharge our togetherness. It doesn’t happen often, and if you’re like me and it’s been a while since you’ve been out. Here are some very clear signs that point to it being too long since you’ve been out on a date. 

1. You don’t own a razor anymore.

I am all for people growing their body hair to however it pleases them, but if you’re usually in the shave it or trim it camp and you don’t even own a usable razor anymore, that’s messed up. If one of the few reasons you used to shave was that someone was going to see you in a dress or potentially touch your leg and you’re now sprouting a forest — it’s been too long since you had a date.


2. Your mom asked you when your last date was.

I am sorry, but if your mom asked when your last date was in a way that is implying even she recognizes it, it has been way. too. long — go out and find someone to enjoy a meal with. Now.


3. You’ve asked, “What do people do on dates these days?”

I asked that a few weeks ago and really still don’t know the answer. Do people still just do dinner and a movie or is there some new thing that people do that’s come into style lately? If you’re sitting here reading this and don’t know the answer — you need to go on a date. If you do know the answer — hook me up with it and share in the comments, please!


4. You didn’t realize it was still important to do after you got married.

Dating is often associated with the activity of seeking a life partner or a long-term relationship, so it may seem weird that when you have found that person, you still need to go on dates. Sure, you’re not dating new people, but just as those early dates help you connect with someone new in hopes of getting to know them — it’s important when you’re in a committed relationship and/or married, too. If you didn’t realize that dating was still a thing you have to do (well, get to do) when you’re married — it’s been too long.


5. Your friends get overly excited when you tell them you have a date.

When I posted to social media that I was going out on a date for the first time since my fourth child was born, I could feel the excitement others had for me. It was a long time (almost three months), but truthfully, my husband and I have gone longer than that before we’ve had a romantic date. If your friends get super excited that you’re about to go on a date, it’s been too long.

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