5 Signs You’re Turning into a Bridezilla

turning-into-a-bridezillaIt’s summer! You know what that means? Thousands of brides-to-be are putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans. Months of preparations are coming to a close for what’s hoping to be the best day of their lives. Flowers are ordered, cake is chosen, and your dress is to DIE for. All that planning for your perfect day is challenging – all those small details you have to get just right. The seating chart needed careful attention to make sure your great-aunt Betty was nowhere near your second-cousin Joe because, duh.

There’s no doubt all the planning can take a toll. It’s a large event and for many women, it’s an event you’ve been thinking about, dreaming of, for a long time. Have you heard the term “bridezilla”? It’s defined by Dictionary.com as, “a bride-to-be who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious.”

Wondering if that’s what you’ve been like over these difficult months and months of planning? Here are 5 signs that probably mean, yeah – you are:

1. Your wedding is months and months away and you’re already over budget

First, you just had to get that dress. I mean, it was only $500 over your budget, so no biggie. However, when you add that extra expense from those flowers you just had to have and the fancy photographer, organic linens, prime champagne, oh, and the super hip social media concierge — well, you’re really over budget.

2. Your bridesmaids get harder and harder to reach

When you first got engaged, all you had to do was text an “OH EM GEE” to your best friends and they were all over the details and planning. As time went on, they got harder and harder to reach and took three times as long to reply. Also, strangely enough, they’re no longer texting back in all caps like you. Huh.

3. You won’t budge on any plans

He casually mentions that he’s reconsidered and does want to invite his boss to the wedding. Your response: THE GUEST LIST IS ALREADY DONE! THE SEATING PLAN?! THE WEDDING FAVORS HAVE BEEN ORDERED! There are those all caps again, right? If there’s not one thing you’ll change to fit your fiancé’s wishes of the wedding – yeah, bridezilla.

4. Everything is a CRISIS!!!

See: previous point.

5. People are surprisingly busy on your wedding day

Ah, all the planning is done. The details have been finalized and all the R.S.V.P cards are coming back. Just one thing though, your “large” wedding looks like it may be more intimate than you thought since it seems everyone is already busy that weekend. Weeeeird.

Have you met a bridezilla? Are you one?

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