The 5 Strangest Wedding Trends of 2014

It’s been a long time since I got married; this summer will mark our 10-year anniversary. Our wedding was was all done before smartphones, Pinterest, and before I had any interest in online forums for any subject. I have been thinking a lot about my wedding day lately, and I’ve realized how much different the whole experience would be if I got married now versus 10 years ago.

The trends are a lot different now, from how we invite guests to wedding fashion and all things in between. We have social media now, which is becoming a key part in weddings and a new way to entertain our guests while they celebrate our big day with us. I am not planning to ever plan a wedding again, so I don’t have to keep up with the trends. However, I couldn’t help but notice there are some new ones that are a bit on the strange side — at least for an old married lady like me.

Here are 5 strange new wedding trends we’re seeing in 2014: 

not invited
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1. “You’re Not Invited” cards

It sucks when you find out someone you know is getting married and you find out you’re not invited. You wait for your invitation to come in the mail, and as the date of the nuptials draw closer, you realize your chances of getting that card is slim-to-none. If you hate that super awkward time, you’ll love the new trend: “You’re Not Invited” cards.

It sounds just like what it is — if you’re someone who could possibly expect to be invited to a couple’s wedding and, for whatever reason, you’re not invited — you’ll get sent this card. It’s not supposed to be mean-spirited though, according to what Tatiana Byron, founder of event planning service The Wedding Salon, told, “Nine out of 10 times, it’s because of lack of space — and the couple feels super guilty.” So, if you open up your mail to find a fancy envelope hoping it’s finally that wedding invitation you were hoping to get — don’t get your hopes up.

2. “Unplugged” weddings

If you don’t want people to be busy on their phones and take the attention away from you, or if you want to be able to ensure no one Instagrammed a totally unflattering photo of you — you’ll love this. The new trend of “unplugged” weddings is just what it sounds like — the bride and groom hijack your phones and you get them back when you leave.

Want to know more about where this trend started — check out the first couple who coined the term and their reasons behind being “unplugged.”

3. Social media concierge

The exact opposite of the “unplugged” wedding is the one that hires a social media concierge. They are the ones in charge of handling all the hashtags you use to blast your friends with behind-the-scenes photos on all social media platforms including Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and more. They don’t come cheap though:

While I am sure it’s a good idea for those who are not really social media savvy, this new trend can make a lot of people money for just coming up with a unique hashtag.

4. Donkey guest

Donkey’s are cute and you don’t really see them everyday, and apparently, it’s not uncommon to have a donkey around when you’re having a destination wedding. Arizona company, Haul N Ass Productions, thought more people should be able to have a donkey carry around the beer for their guests and a new trend was born.

There are some totally valid reasons why a donkey at your wedding could be a great idea, but this new trend is a strange one. I wonder if we’ll have to bring carrots to the reception to feed the tired donkeys?

5. Pink wedding gowns

I am not really a “traditionalist” when it comes to what I think should be done at weddings. As long as it makes you and your partner happy and you’re not going to go bankrupt having to fund whatever that is — go for it. I know that when it comes to weddings, the traditions we see in a typical big-deal wedding have been around for a long time, and white wedding dresses are one of those big-time traditions. That’s not the trend for this year though — now we’re seeing pink.

Vera Wang unveiled her Fall 2014 wedding line and pink was the new trend. I like to call it “bubble gum” pink, but I am sure it has it’s own actual name. It’s pretty paired with the light flowing fabrics of the princess wedding dresses, but it’s not traditional and a strange new trend for this year.

 What do you think of these trends? Share in the comments! 

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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