5 Things (Besides Your EX) to Replace After a Breakup

Recently, I came across an article over at The Stir that highlighted some of the things one should replace post divorce. While some people are quick to find someone new in hopes to ease their pain, they will come to find out that perhaps rushing into a relationship isn’t the best way to deal with things. And perhaps given a little time they will come to see that being single isn’t all that bad. So while you resist the urge to immediately replace your ex, consider replacing some other items instead:

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    5 Things to Replace After a Breakup

    Take a look at 5 things you may want to consider replacing after a breakup or divorce!

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    It is time to take down that photo montage you made. And while you are at it, consider clearing out all of the pictures you have displayed of the two of you. It is possible seeing them will only make you feel blue.

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    Sure, the necklace he bought you is your favorite, but it also is a constant reminder of what was. Treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry instead.

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    If it has a special memory tied to it, like your wedding night or an anniversary getaway, it might be time to part with it. Similar to jewelry, wearing it will be a constant reminder of your relationship.

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    When a marriage or long-term relationship comes to an end, sometimes other relationships will also come to an end. Some people who were once your friends will decide that they have to choose sides. Some may not be supportive or understanding and, instead of making you feel better, simply make matters worse. It is important to surround yourself with people who care about you and impact your life in a positive manner.

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    It is possible that you aren't able to actually move to an entirely new place after a serious breakup, but perhaps you can make some changes that will help further solidify the start of a new chapter in your life. Getting rid of old bedding (toss his pillow), rearranging your furniture, and even redecorating your home can make a difference. Besides,you hated that bulky leather ottoman anyway right? Now's the chance to sell it and use that money to get a magenta tufted one instead.

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    When it comes to getting rid of things, it may not hurt to sleep on it. I've been there. Emotional, angry, sad, and on a mission to get rid of everything that reminded me of "him." But you want to know something crazy? I actually ended up marrying one of those guys. And while having my husband trumps having his old sweater or a card he gave me 6 or 7 years ago, I'd love to still have a few more special mementos from our dating years. If you haven't reached the stage in your life and relationship where you don't breakup and makeup, then consider holding on to things for a little bit. Tuck them away in a box and if things don't end up working out or you suddenly are ready to completely move on, then by all means burn throw them away. However, if you're tempted to call him and see if he wants his old love letters back (really?!), then perhaps you haven't moved on just yet. And those of you wondering how old one must be to behave this way, even the most mature of individuals sometimes find themselves doing things outside of themselves all in the name of love - even a lost love.

For more things to replace after a breakup, visit the Stir. Do you believe in getting rid of things after a breakup? As the author of the article notes, sometimes when you get rid of tangible items that remind you of a relationship that has ended (and for the record you’re not a failure!) you are better able to look ahead to your future. And bring your shades because it’s bright.

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