5 Things Husbands Miss About Their Lives Before Marriage

Occasionally my husband will jokingly remind me that he did have a life before me. I forget sometimes; I forget that he experienced things and tried things and lived a life on his terms and his terms alone, long before I came into the picture. Although I am not aware of all of the ways his life changed after we met, I witnessed firsthand some of the ways his life changed after we became a family. And despite our belief that for both of us, life changed for the better, I’d be lying if I said there aren’t things that I miss about life before marriage. But, I don’t miss them enough to not want to continue our journey as husband and wife. Nevertheless, ever so often, something will cause us to reminisce about life before the ring.

Recently I read an article on Yahoo! Shine that highlighted some of the things husbands missed about being single. Reading the article prompted me to ask my husband some of the things he missed. His response, “I’m not going to answer that question.” It wasn’t a trick question but that’s ok since the article gives 10. And so, without further ado, here are 5 things husbands miss post marriage:

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    things men miss about being single

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  • Not explaining purchases 2 of 6
    things men miss about being single

    When you get married, money is no longer just yours. As a result larger purchases that he may have previously made on his own are now discussed with you. Purchasing a new gadget might put a dent in your plans to take that family road trip. Even so, the article encourages wives to "indulge their husband's material desires" from time to time.

  • Attending his family events only 3 of 6
    things husbands miss about life before marriage

    Prior to marriage there was probably little to no need to compromise when it came to where you would spend the holidays. Now that there are at least two extended families in the picture, you may have to do more leg work to ensure both families are being visited. The article encourages couples to create a "balanced schedule for celebrating holidays" or even staying at a hotel when visiting family.

  • Being made to feel like a big deal 4 of 6
    things men miss about being single

    According to the article, men enjoy feeling like the woman in their life is hanging on to their every word. It also notes the fact that it is likely that we have heard many of their stories before. Even so, we are encouraged not stop them in the middle of their storytelling and instead "share the excitement."

  • Making the decisions 5 of 6
    things men miss about being single

    The article notes that after marriage men will sometimes "defer to their wives' preferences" in an attempt to help them get along better with her. Rather than making all of the decisions, even little ones such as wall paint color or a movie, it is encouraged that you take your husband's opinion into consideration and/or give him the chance to decide.

  • Checking out other women 6 of 6
    things men miss about being single

    Apparently they don't only have eyes for their wives. Because men are "visual creatures" the article notes that checking out other women can be a "difficult habit to break." The article encourages spouses not to get upset so their husband doesn't feel "guilty" or "fenced in." As long as he isn't making frequent "double takes," it's encouraged that one just "shrug it off" since simply looking at a woman doesn't mean he is looking to be intimate with her.

Based on my understanding of the article there are fairly simple ways to give your Mr. what he may be secretly missing (in addition to the ones listed above). It may require a little compromise but it is worth it if it results in him being happy too. For 5 more things husbands miss post marriage visit Yahoo Shine.

What do you think about the list? Would you be willing to make some changes to give your husband what he wants?

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