5 Things We Inherit After a Breakup

ID-100137117There is a lot of good that can come from a relationship. We’re told it makes us happier and healthier and I know I am really happy in a long-term relationship. It’s certainly not without it’s own challenges that can sometimes outweigh the happy, but for me, it’s way better than the alternative.

There are times where breaking up is the right choice and there are some benefits to that as well (which you may find surprising). Even so, breaking up is never fun. It leaves behind fond memories, sure, but also hurt feelings and baggage, too. Like it or not, every relationship changes you. Read on for 5 items we inherit after a breakup, which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

1. His favorite band t-shirt

… and all his other stuff that he’s left around. Even if you didn’t live together, chances are you’ve accumulated some of his stuff that never got back to him when you broke up. If you have a shirt of his that you consider too awesome to give away (or give back) and he left it there — I say you can officially call it yours. While I believe you should probably get rid of it for your sanity, since it’s now yours, you really can do whatever you want with it.

2. His Netflix suggestions

I’m sure you’re not going to miss those boring dates at home where you sat there while he watched the latest B-movie streaming on Netflix. Sure, those in-house dates can be a nice way to quickly connect, but when you said “goodbye” to him — you said “goodbye” to having to sit through another predictable action movie. Thankfully, Netflix rolled out those profiles earlier so your suggestions don’t all get messed up — unless you didn’t think to give him his own? If not, you’ve inherited those forever suggestions, and until you watch enough solo-streaming, you’ll always be haunted. If you were forward-thinking enough to give him his own profile — you can do whatever you want with it now!

Want to get rid of his profile instead? Check out this handy how-to from Netflix.

3. That little known local café giphy1

You have never been the type of person who likes to go outside your comfort zone, so when your then-boyfriend introduced you to “the best little known café ever,” you were skeptical. Quickly though, you fell in love and it’s now the place you go when you want that fancy latté, but don’t want the lineups at the more well-known spot. And you go there often. And you should continue to go there often even after you’ve broken up. Why? Because you need that coffee more than him — and just because you break up with your partner, it doesn’t mean you should have to break up with your coffee too.

In case your ex is unwilling to part with the “the best little known café ever,” read up on what to do and how to deal when you do run into your ex from Thought Catalog.

4. Season 3 of Game of Thrones

During my super-early morning baby feedings, I am laying there half-awake while my fourth child eats and I am probably watching Game of Thrones — again. It’s my favorite show and I have seen each episode about 12 times and I’m still not sick of it. My husband and I watched them all a few times — and a few times again with the commentary on — and I am still not bored watching it. If you’ve seen it, you probably know my love for it too — you’d be a little crazy if not. If you just went through a break up with your partner,  first: I’m sorry; second: I hope you got to keep the blu-ray copies of Game of Thrones! If they’ve been left over, then you can consider them yours for putting up with all those hours of his love for cheesy action movies.

If you love this show as much as I do and you’re now in possession of a copy of any of the seasons due to break-up inheritance, here are 10 secrets about HBO’s adaptation of the book you may have interest in reading

friend-finger5. His friend’s girlfriends

How does the saying go? Sisters before misters? Well, it should go that way because us ladies have to stay together. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, chances are you and your partner have become close with a few other couples. I’ve gotten to be wonderful friends with women I’ve met only through my husband and I’d like to think that if my husband and I were to ever split up (I don’t see it happening, so don’t worry!), I would still stay great friends with those same women.

And so should you! I say it should always be sisters before misters and those you became close with during your relationship, you should inherit after you breakup.

Did your friend just recently have a bad breakup? Check out what you shouldn’t say to them and hurt their feelings before you reach out. 

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