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Recently I shared some things I learned during an afternoon spent shopping with my husband. Among the lessons learned for me was the realization that my guy has no desire to be my shopping buddy nor does he want to engage in a game of 21 questions especially, when it typically involves me asking the same thing over and over again (but differently) anyway.

Does this make me look fat?

Are you sure I’m not too big for this? Are you positive?

You’re sure?

Do you think a different style would look better on me?

In the end, 9 times out of 10 according to him, “It’s fine.” Unless, it’s something he picks out then it’s better than fine. Despite my realizations the other day, while out and about I’m still not ready to let my husband off the hook when it comes to occasionally joining me for a shopping trip. Shopping with him definitely isn’t as fun as my mom or girlfriends but sometimes I want his opinion. Other times I want his company, at least up until he lets out a huge sigh when I tell him I want to go look at just one more store.

Our trip to Old Navy was better than most of our joint shopping ventures (likely due to the fact that Old Navy has clothes for him too!). This meant he wasn’t stuck following me around while I asked him what he thought or if he could hold my purse or the cute dress I found while I kept looking. He can ditch me and in the end still declare that he actually went shopping with me because being in the same store as me totally counts.

For those of you who still want to have your husband join you on the occasional shopping trip and are willing to accept that you are more likely to be shopping associates than shopping BFFs, here are 5 tips to make shopping with your husband more enjoyable:

  • 5 Tips for Shopping With Your Husband 1 of 6
    5 Tips for Shopping With Your Husband

    Going shopping with your Mr.? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind!

  • Stick to the plan 2 of 6

    Yes, I know things come up. You get to the mall and you find out your favorite boutique is having a major sale. You have to stop. Fine. But if you tell your husband you are only going to a couple of stores only go to a couple of stores. You can always come back on your own time.

  • Check your attitude 3 of 6
    Attractive girl trying to pursuade her bored boyfriend to go shopping

    Don't ruin your trip by getting mad if he tells you what you don't want to hear. You want a Cinnabon but when you ask if he wants to share one he says no and reminds you that you were just crying in the dressing room saying that you look fat. You think you look hot in a dress; he thinks the dress looks exactly like the last 3 dresses you purchased.  If you don't want his opinion don't ask.

  • Oblige him 4 of 6

    If your husband picks out something he thinks would look great on you don't lose anything by trying it on. Yes, you know your style and what you like and don't like but you might find that you are pleasantly surprised.

  • Be appreciative 5 of 6

    Perhaps you feel it's his job to go shopping with you. In that case, let me ask you this, did you love every job you ever had? Be grateful he took the time to go shopping with you.

  • Don’t complain when he asks to check out a store 6 of 6
    Young attractive couple in shop window

     He just spent the entire afternoon hovering over makeup counters, awkwardly standing in lingerie stores and carrying your shopping bags. If he wants to check out a store or make a stop on the way home don't ask why, ask why not?


Any tips to share? Do you like shopping with your spouse? For more tips on shopping with husbands visit Part Time Authors or just let your husband off the hook and call your girlfriend to go instead.


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