5 Ways a Husband Can Keep the Fireworks Poppin’ in Marriage — Even After July 4th

When I was growing up I could not wait for the Fourth of July! Although it wasn’t Christmas it was one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. I always looked forward to getting sparklers, watching my dad light fireworks, and going to the fireworks display in the park to watch the real fireworks.

Now, July 4th is just like any other day for the most part. I will enjoy some fireworks, but it is mainly about the kids. I will hang out with family and friends, but I could also stay inside to catch up on some work.

Have the fireworks in your marriage stopped too?

To be truthful, the same thing can happen in your marriage. When you are young in marriage you can’t wait to light a fire, see some sparks, and get “things” poppin’. As you get older in marriage, it can be easy to become complacent and do things mainly for your kids. But that is a recipe for disaster, especially after the kids leave. Just think, how many empty nesters do you see at local fireworks displays? Very few!

I don’t want that to happen in my marriage, or your marriage! You have to keep it poppin’ in all stages of your marriage. Keep the excitement, keep the anticipation, and keep the fire burning. I am going to challenge all husbands to be the one to ignite your marriage. Here are 5 ways a husband can keep the fireworks poppin’ in marriage:

  • Be Domestic Sexy! 1 of 5
    5 Ways Husbands Can Keep the Fireworks Poppin in Marraige - Be Domestic Sexy

    Do some of the household responsibilities your wife does. Finish that load of laundry. Cook for breakfast or dinner for the family. Fix something around the house. And watch the fireworks begin. It does something to a wife when she sees her husband stepping up to handle the domestic tasks around the house. Be domestic sexy to your wife.

  • Learn to Speak a New (Love) Language 2 of 5
    Learn to Speak a New (Love) Language

    If you are like most couples the things that turn you on may not be the same things that turn you on. You have different love languages. Your love language may be physical touch, while your wife's may be words of affirmation. If you have different love languages it time you learn to speak a new language. The language that let's your wife know she is loved.

  • Watch Her Favorite Show with Her…in Silence! 3 of 5
    Watch your wife's favorite show with silence!

    My wife has a couple shows she likes to watch. She really gets into them. Until about a month ago I was not allowed to watch them with her, because I commented and mocked some of the parts...bad hubby, I know! Then I figured out it could be another thing we could use to spend time. I even put it in my calendar. But I had to take a vowel of silence during the show.  Now we watch together, and have one more thing to talk about and enjoy.

  • Get Active Together…Exercise! 4 of 5
    Get Active with Your Wife...Exercise!

    Let her see you sweat, while working to get in better health and shape. Everyone knows working out with a partner will help you stick with it. You will get better results with a partner, and when the partner is your wife there may be some extra benefits. Personally, I like seeing my wife yoga pants and fitness gear. She likes seeing me in my athletic gear being all athletic. At least I think. Get active with your wife. Exercise with her and add another spark to keep the fireworks poppin.

  • Arrange for Your Wife to Have Regular "Me Time" 5 of 5
    Arrange for Your Wife to Have Regular "Me Time"

    Whether your wife stays at home, or enters the corporate world each day she probably works hard. And she probably gives way more than she gets in return. Sometimes my wife forgets to refuel. She is so busy taking care of everybody else that she doesn't make time to take care of herself. Make arrangements so your wife can have time alone, time to rest, and time to refuel. Arrange for your wife to have regular "me time." That is another way to keep the fireworks poppin' in your marriage.

Question: How do you plan to keep the fireworks poppin’ in your marriage?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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