5 Ways Faith in God Will Help Your Marriage

Less than six months into our marriage, I was almost certain we weren’t going to make it. As I reflect today, I am 100% sure we would not have made it! One event transformed the course of our marriage, and now, 12 years later I am 100% certain we will make it, ’til death do us part.

We were married in June of 2001, and that fall our church offered spiritual development classes. We decided to sign up for the marriage class. Neither of us had any idea what to expect, but we were both willing because we both knew this was not going to work if we didn’t do something different. It was the best choice we made in our marriage, as it set the foundation for our marriage from that point forward.

Creating a strong foundation in your marriage

Learning how God designed marriage to work, and actually applying the principles in our relationship changed the game. How we viewed marriage from a spiritual perspective, an emotional perspective, and a practical perspective all changed. I don’t know how couples make it in marriage without a spiritual foundation and faith in God.

Putting faith in God is a proven formula in marriage

In a recent Your Tango article it is revealed in some studies that the combination of faith with therapy leads to real change. Our marriage is living proof. Proven by the change the class made in us, as well as numerous counseling sessions with Christian marriage counselors throughout our marriage.

Below are some points from the Your Tango article to help your marriage, as well as our take aways from our own marriage experience with faith, spirituality, and marriage.

Here are 5 ways faith in God will help your marriage.

  • 5 Ways Faith in God Will Help Your Marriage 1 of 6
    5 Ways Faith in God Will Help Your Marriage

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  • You will make love more often, and better 2 of 6
    Make love more often

    I learned from a marriage counselor that making love is a celebration of connecting three ways in your marriage. That if you connect in these three ways love-making, or celebrating, comes naturally and easy.


    What are the three ways? Connecting intellectually, connecting emotionally, and connecting spiritually. Taking your marriage past the physical and flesh and making these connections will give you more reason to "celebrate" in your marriage. 


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  • You learn what true love is 3 of 6
    True love

    What we see on TV and in the movies may shape our perspectives on love. But what we see in the media is not true love. When you let your faith lead you, and view your marriage from a spiritual perspective, you will see things differently.


    The Bible teaches us that God is love. And that His love is perfect love. A love that expresses itself in action, even when we do not deserve it. You may not feel that loving feeling toward your spouse all the time. But when your perspective changes, you can choose to still love your spouse with your actions.


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  • You function as one, not two individuals 4 of 6
    Function as one in marriage

    There are a few Bible verses that talk about the two becoming one. Where two people who have different lives, experiences, and ideas become one, or one flesh.


    Think of a three-legged race. Once you tie your legs together, you have one goal to reach the finish line, and reach it first. The more those legs tied together function as one, the better chance you have of doing so. The same with embracing this principle in marriage.


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  • You will willingly take more for the team 5 of 6
    Sacrifice and forgiveness in marriage

    The ultimate message in the Bible is one of sacrifice. The belief that God sacrificed His only son for all of us who have sinned. Although Jesus knew no sin, he willingly took the burden of the entire world's sin from past and present, to future.


    When your spouse does something crazy, and you think about Christ's sacrifice, you'll be forced to make a choice. A choice to forgive, sacrifice, and maybe even take one for the team. When both of you do's a game changer!


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  • You will create an unbreakable bond 6 of 6

    When you embrace faith and spirituality in your marriage, and begin to follow the principles for marriage in it, it will not always be easy. Some truths and principles can be hard. One principle that may be challenging is to "leave and cleave." To leave and cleave basically means you leave all other ideas and thoughts you had in the past and cleave, cling tightly to your spouse and marriage.


    Now wait, in case you are going off right now. This doesn't mean you are no longer you, you cut off friends and family. It means you hold tighter to your spouse and marriage than anything else. Yet, if there is something that tries to pull you from that bond, you leave it and cleave to your spouse. Tough principle, but it creates an unbreakable bond in your marriage.


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Questions: What your thoughts? Do you believe Faith in God can positively impact your relationship?

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