4 Ways to Make His Birthday Celebration Special

Birthday WishThere’s nothing more challenging than surprising a man or getting him a great gift for his birthday. For the most part, men are simple. They don’t want you to fuss and create a big to-do. They want you to hand them a beer, a good meal, some hanky panky, and forget the rest. There are some men, however, who are an exception. They want to celebrate their birthday with gusto and flare like a celebrity (I’m looking at you, 50 Cent!). In that case, you better get to planning. He wants his special day to be all about him and, well, special. Whether he’s turning the big 4-0 or just plain old 27, here are five ways you can help your man celebrate his birthday. Cause, shorty, it’s his birthday.

1. A Surprise Party

I’m big on surprises and have always wished to be surprised by a man on my birthday. Hasn’t happened yet but I can and do suggest to invite close family and friends, including his obnoxious frat buddies, and throw him a bash. If he isn’t into parties, you can surprise him by having everyone over for dinner. It’s a lot more work this way, though.

2. A Trip with the Boys

Your man hasn’t been able to go away on that fishing trip he keeps talking about. Why not plan it for him as a birthday gift? Time alone may be just what he needs. If he doesn’t want to be one with the fishes, coordinate with his friends so they can join him on whatever boy’s trip his testoterone desires.

3. That Thingamajiggy He Lusts After

Men and their thingamajiggys — they love to play with them and pretend they can fix things. That’s where you come in. Buy him a brand new tool box or that new gadget he’s been lusting after. You may not know what it’s for but he will be grateful for it, and for you!

4. Sports, Sports, and More Sports

A friend of mine is married to a sports fanatic. Not all men can rattle off every sport’s score and player, but most enjoy watching a game … live. Getting him tickets to The Big Game or another important sporting event will make his birthday. You can also get a sports jersey of his favorite team member. Just remember: He may want to wear it on his birthday. Let him. Cause, shorty, it’s his birthday and he can wear what he wants to.

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