6 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Help Singles Find Love in 2014

Tonight is the night where we simultaneously celebrate the clock striking midnight. No matter where we are we will bring in 2014 and hope for a better and brighter love life. For singles, however, New Year’s Eve can be a little sobering. We reminisce about exes and the love we once shared. We often wish to have a loved one by our side so we can lean in and get that New Years kiss.

I am proclaiming a change in 2014. The new year will be different. No more wishing and hoping for love. We are going to relish in all the greatness of life and meet the love of our lives because of it. How? By being optimistic and starting off 2014 with these New Year’s Eve traditions. Here are six traditions that’ll help you find love in 2014.

  • Manifesting Relationships 1 of 7
    6 New Years Eve Traditions to Help Singles Find Love in 2014

    If you're single and want new love in 2014, you have to manifest! Check out the slideshow with tips that will help you do just that. Happy New Year!

  • Red Underwear 2 of 7
    Red Undies

    They say that wearing red underwear on New Years Eve brings love. So, scour your panty drawer for the perfect set. You will feel sexy and confident. That mojo always attracts good things. Photo Credit:

  • 12 Grapes 3 of 7

    Another tradition suggests that you eat 12 grapes right at midnight and make 12 wishes. All those wishes can be love, love, love! Worth a try, right? Besides, it's a great late snack. Photo Credit:

  • Clean Your Home with Sage 4 of 7

    In my Dominican tradition we believe that cleaning your home with sage before the New Year brings good fortune. That includes love, laughter and luck. Photo Credit:

  • Throw Away Reminders of Your Exes 5 of 7
    Ripped Photo

    Reminders of past relationships will only keep you in the past. Look through your things. Throw away anything that is holding you back from moving forward and opening your heart to new love. Photo Credit:

  • Write a Letter Saying Goodbye to 2013 6 of 7

    Every year I write a letter to the year that is gone. This allows me to reflect on all the good, bad and wonderful that has occurred. This year I suggest you do the same. Write a letter to 2013 and thank it for the lessons, the love, the struggles. That way you start the new year with a fresh new start and a positive attitude. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Light a Candle to the Goddess of Love 7 of 7

    When you believe, and I mean really believe, you can light a candle and pray to the heavens to bring you all you desire. Do this with faith. Do this right before the new year. Visualize yourself meeting your new love and wish it into existence. Photo Credit:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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