6 of the Worst Ways That a Guy Can Get a Girl Back

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Men. They mess up. They break our hearts to only be filled with regret when we are sick and tired. And they sometimes want us back. Cause you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone, right fellas? Right.

I’ve had a guy “win me back.” Or at least attempt to. Elijah and I had an off-and-on relationship for two years with a year-long break. I was over it, or so I thought. He wasn’t. Elijah said he wanted to rekindle the flame. I wanted to start from scratch, build trust and intimacy and more trust. But Elijah wasn’t into doing things my way. He wasn’t putting in enough effort, and so our relationship was left on the cutting room floor. Only this time, it was I who shattered a heart.

This is exactly where Robin Thicke is headed with Paula Patton. He wants her back, y’all! His album, Paula, is even titled Paula so he can win her (Paula!!!) back. Will it work? We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are six of the worst ways that a guy can get a girl back.

1. A music video

Especially if it’s a terrible one. And Robin Thicke’s is bad. He’s cut. He’s hurt. He’s a bad, bad man. He’s drowning. Wait, she’s drowning?! But come back to me, Paula! Yup. That won’t work.

2. Demanding she take you back on your terms

This is what Elijah did. It was his way or no way, and he was the one who messed up in the first place. Men, if you follow his lead, you’ll end up just like he did — without your former lady.

3. Not taking responsibility

If you messed up, admit to your mistakes. Sure, it takes two to tango, but don’t expect her to share the blame when you are trying to win her back. Just take it like a man. Admit your wrongdoing and don’t do it again. False promises will leave you in the outs. Again.

4. Stalker status

That’s on Facebook, over text, on Twitter, and on Instagram. As Alan said, stay away from “constant text messaging, constant waiting-for-you-outside-of-your-home-or-job … stalking!” Cause it’s kind of scary!

5. Groveling will get you nowhere

That’s because women love men with confidence. Yes, admit that you are wrong but don’t come at her like a puppy doll. Show your woman that you have changed. Don’t beg for forgiveness and then repeat the same mistakes.

6. Asking mutual friends for help

Richard warned men not to “beg a mutual friend for info.” Leave her girlfriends out of it. You messed up so you must do the work! Hopefully, you can get your lady back. If not, count your losses and stay way from musical instruments.

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