6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back After a Breakup

Breaking up is never easy and it can be especially painful if the parting was not your idea. If your ex was the one who wanted their space, needed a break, or just didn’t want to be with you, it can leave you with a lot of “what if’s,” questions, and reflection.

Sometimes we’re the ones who initiated the breakup and still feel bad about it — was it a mistake? If you feel like you let “the one” get away, there are no rules saying you can’t reach out again and try to win back their heart. If that’s what is on your mid after you’ve broken up with your ex, there are some ways you can help get them back in your life:

  • 6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back After a Breakup 1 of 7

    Simple steps can help you get that special person back into your life.

  • Stop and Think About It 2 of 7

    Take some time to really evaluate your relationship. Think about what worked, what didn't, and why you broke up. If there was something you always fought about or something that never seemed to go well, think about how you can change it, yet not lose yourself too.

  • Reach Out 3 of 7

    They'll never know you want them back if you don't reach out. Send a friendly text message, phone call, or email and open that line of communication -- as a friend.

  • Ask Them Out For Coffee 4 of 7

    If you want to get together, keep it small and ask them out for a cup of coffee. You want to avoid anything with a longer time commitment (like a movie or just coming over) so you can keep the conversation casual and see where it goes.

  • Remember Special Dates 5 of 7

    Remember their birthdays, your anniversaries, and any other memorable dates (if their parent passed away) and reach out during those times. It will help them see how plugged in you are and that you remember these important-to-them things.

  • Don’t Smother 6 of 7

    You don't want to be all up in their face -- so take it slow. You don't want to invade their space too quickly and you should avoid anything too personal until you've reestablished the relationship.

  • Respect Other Relationships 7 of 7

    One of the hard things about breaking up with someone and then regretting it is seeing them as the one that got away. If they've started a new relationship, it's important that you respect that and not come in the middle of it. It's possible to start the lines of communication with your ex without overstepping their new relationship. Respect matters, even if it's not really what you wanted right now.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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