6 Ways You Can Recycle an Ex

Ex-boyfriends. We all have them. Some of us can’t escape them. Soon, I will come face to face with my ex-boyfriend. He is my brother-in-law’s friend; ignoring each other isn’t an option. As I type, he is en route to Charlotte, to my sister’s home. He’ll be playing with my niece in no time. Why did I ever get with someone who was close to my family?

I digress. The past is indeed the past. Or is it? I know women who have reignited an old flame. One of my friends reconnected with an ex after years of no contact. It didn’t work the second time around either. But that isn’t the case for all. Currently, I am seeing a man who I began dating months ago. We lost contact. It was over before it began. And now here we are again, starting a new. We even cheered over drinks to a new beginning.

But is it possible? Should we and can we recycle an ex-love? I say we can, but it isn’t easy. Here are six ways you can recycle and ex.

  • Hit The Road and Come Back 1 of 7
    Woman Walking

    An ex should hit the curb, right? Or not. Some people believe in second chances and I do too. Here are six ways to recycle an ex. Photo Credit:

  • Some Sweet Loving 2 of 7

    Sometimes you want some sweet loving from a familiar face, and hand, and body part. Break up sex may be dangerous, but you can recycle your ex for some nights of pleasure if you're over the breakup. You have to set ground rules to recycle his booty. He can't spend the weekend, or even the night. It's all about his sweet sweet loving. Otherwise you're back in a relationship. Photo Credit:

  • The Trash Man 3 of 7
    Trash Bins

    If an ex still comes around, let him help you with recycling. Literally. I hate taking out the trash. It's smelly back there where they keep the garbage. In NYC, I'm afraid to put my hand in the shoot. One word: rats! So, if an ex insists on being in your life, get him to do your dirty work. Photo Credit:

  • An Actual Relationship 4 of 7
    6 Ways to Recycle An Ex

    Some couples just need to get together a second time around so it can last forever. Really! Look at Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. These celebrity couples are now married after breaking up once before. Sometimes space is all a relationship needs to bond the two for life. Photo Credit:

  • Bossom Buddies 5 of 7
    Friendship Bracelets

    Your ex doesn't have to be your enemy. He also doesn't have to be your boyfriend again. But he can be your friend. Recycle your ex by transitioning the romantic relationship into a friendship. But only if you ended on good terms. If he didn't respect you, cheated, or was an all around jerk, send him and his "friendship" packing. Photo Credit:

  • A New Wing Man 6 of 7

    Wait, what? Yes! If you and your ex are friends and the breakup was for the best, he can be your wing man. A friend of mine once said this to me: maybe you dated that one guy to meet the man of your dreams. Basically, he may have a friend or a cousin or a coworker that's perfect for me. Crazy, I know, but it makes sense. Maybe your ex love is a connection to your future love. Photo Credit:

  • The Mover 7 of 7
    Moving Boxes

    If you are cool with your ex, he can be of use to you when you move out of your cramped Manhattan studio apartment. Recycle him so he can carry your love seat up four flights of stairs. Make sure he also brings his friends. More men to help you move and maybe you'll meet someone that will move you in other ways. Photo Credit:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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