7 Crazy Ways to Deal With a Breakup

Some women really don’t take breakups well. It’s almost as if that one love affair that ended signifies every bad relationship and heartache.

I can admit to feeling the same. Much like Desiree from The Bachelorette (did you see the last two episodes?!) I was a blubbering fool when a man didn’t reciprocate loving feelings. I thought I was unlovable and whined about never feeling loved by a man. I would sob for days, throwing myself a pity party for one. The only difference between me and Desiree is that she could do so in beautiful Antigua. And she had two other hot men vying for her attention.

Still, crying salty tears into the ocean isn’t half as bad as other antics. I know women who go slightly insane when their relationship is o-v-e-r, OVER. Here are seven crazy ways to deal with a breakup.

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    7 Crazy Ways to Deal With a Breakup

    When a woman is heartbroken or scorned, she can go to extremes. Here is a slideshow of seven crazy ways to deal with a breakup. 

  • Drunk Texting and Dialing 2 of 8
    Drunk Text Message

    Drunk texting and dialing is the go-to move when a woman is heartbroken. It's like the first step to full blow insanity. So, put down the tequila shots and heal. If you must drink to forget, give your mobile device to your friends. Photo Credit:

  • Calling and Hanging Up…Again and Again 3 of 8
    Phone Dial

    We've all done it. Dialed an exes number in the heat of the moment only to hang up seconds later. But when you do it two, three or maybe ten times, well, it's called harassment. Believe me. If your ex wants to talk to you, he will. If he doesn't he won't and will continue to ignore you no matter how many times you call. Photo Credit:

  • Showing Up Everywhere 4 of 8
    Woman At Bar

    You know what party he's going to and what bars he hangs out in after work, so you dress up to "bump" into him. This usually ends in two ways: 1) he ignores you all night while you are upset, glaring at him, or 2) you try to make him jealous and end up hanging out with a man you don't like to stir up a man that is just not that into you. Either way, you lose! Photo Credit:

  • Hanging With All His Friends 5 of 8
    Bar Friends

    Making him jealous didn't work so you just start hanging out with his friends again. It's your personal vendetta to make him talk to you, whether he wants to or not. You may even show up to his momma's house. If he doesn't flinch, your need for attention my escalate into all out rage. And then comes the crazy hair chop. Photo Credit:

  • The Crazy Hair Chop 6 of 8
    Bad Haircut

    Many women cut their hair in college as a right of passage to womanhood. Others decide to self-mutilate their hair out of rage due to a breakup. Ladies, put down the scissors! Your hair has done nothing to deserve jagged edges and your ex will only laugh when he sees that mess. Photo Credit:

  • Rocks at His Window 7 of 8

    What follows the Crazy Hair Chop is usually throwing rocks at his window. It's nuts but you've lost your marbles. I mean, your hair is a wreck! This calls for an intervention. If not, you may just do some real damage. Photo Credit:

  • Breaking Windows 8 of 8
    Busted Windows

    "I broke the windows out your car!" That's the lyric in Jazmine Sullivans, "Breaking Windows," where she sings about the damage she's doing to her man's clothes, cars, watches and pretty much everything he owns. This may be the nuttiest and most extreme thing a scorned woman can do. Step away from the vehicle and drive yourself to a loved one's home instead. Photo Credit:

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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