7 Easy Ways To Have A Better, Happier Relationship

Everyday busyness and distractions oftentimes force us to put our relationships with our spouses or significant others on the back burner. But – as I found out the hard way myself – too much time on that back burner ends up creating distance and disconnection between you and your partner that can have adverse long-term effects. So how do we balance the demands of life and love and not lose touch with each other?

Well here are my top suggestions for busy people like you, gleaned from my own experience – 7 easy ways you can feel closer to your significant other every day and have a better, happier relationship with minimal effort:

  • Go To Bed At The Same Time 1 of 7
    Go To Bed At The Same Time
    Intimacy is key to keeping your relationship alive and healthy, and bedtime is the closest and most intimate time of the day that you likely spend together. So keep the TV off and the smartphones out of the bedroom and focus on each other.
  • Have Fun Together 2 of 7
    Have Fun Together
    And I mean actively seek to do things together you both enjoy, and do those things regularly. This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how many couples become more like roommates or business partners - especially after kids - and stop having fun together. But the truth is, if your relationship doesn't have lighthearted good times in it, it's not going to last. Life isn't a carnival ride to be sure, but play and fun DO need to be priorities in your relationship if you want it to remain healthy and stable.
  • Hold Hands 3 of 7
    Hold Hands
    Do it every day. When you're out at the grocery store, or when you're just sitting on the couch watching TV together. It's amazing what a little touch can do to make you both feel more connected.
  • Have Sex 4 of 7
    Have Sex
    It's the best way to bolster intimacy and connection, and absolutely necessary to any healthy relationship. So make time for it, and don't try convincing yourself it doesn't matter. It does.
  • Confide In One Another 5 of 7
    Confide In One Another
    And confide in one another before you confide in friends or family. Make each other your go-to person when you have problems or issues, or when you just need to let off some steam. Letting the other person in and sharing your true thoughts and feelings will bring you closer together.
  • Share In-Jokes 6 of 7
    Share In-Jokes
    The closest couples tend to have a whole language of their own - in jokes and private signals and references that only they get (I wrote a whole post about one silly inside joke between the boyfriend and I... which no one else probably found funny, but that's what makes it an INSIDE joke, right?). Over time, these become touchstones between you - symbols of your singular connection with each other, and that you've created a life together that you set apart.
  • Compliment Each Other 7 of 7
    Compliment Each Other
    As often as possible. The world has a way of wearing people down with criticism and feelings of not being good enough. As a couple, you should be each other's biggest fans and strongest supporters, making each other feel good - or at least good enough. So focus on the good, the positive, and cut the criticism as much as possible. Criticism is corrosive to intimacy, while compliments and praise always strengthen it.

{ What things do you do to make your relationship stronger? Share in comments! }

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