7 Fun + Easy At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Now before you go thinking that I am some sort of date guru, allow me to assure you:

I am as lazy as they come when it comes to dating. 

Luckily, being lazy plays in my favor when it comes to the dating world these days because lo and behold, I have a built-in excuse for not being able to leave the house all dressed up for the fancy-schamcy dates we used to have — and they’re called my children.

No clean pants? No problem!

No money for a babysitter? Got ya covered!

Too lazy to leave the couch? Even better!

But because I also happen to really, really love Valentine’s Day (a day dedicated to love, flowers, and chocolate? Um, yes!), I do think it’s worth putting a little time and preparation into taking a look at some fun and easy at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas … no pants required. Um, well, you know what I mean.


7 Fun + Easy At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1.) Chocolate fountain fun
I am, of course, partial to this one because it happens to be my plan of action this year. I bought a $30 chocolate fountain complete with skewers, and am prepared to stock up on chocolates, pineapple, angel food cake and whatever else you can dip in chocolate that will be delicious. The best part about this date night idea is that it’s going to come in handy for parties all year long. Oh, and it doesn’t take anything fancy, just normal chocolate and coconut oil to help keep it thinned out. I bought this chocolate fountain online from Target and it’s perfectly sized for our family of five — not too big, not too small. I really like that it can melt cheese, too, if we ever decide to have a fondue night.

2.) An edible arrangement
If you don’t feel like springing for the fountain or aren’t really feeling like making chocolate-covered anything, arrange for a delicious edible arrangement delivery — to you! Hey, no one will know who it’s actually for, right? We did this one night with wine and a movie, and it was perfect. Edible Arrangements has locations all around the country, and you can order online, or call your local flower shop or boutique for recommendations.

Our edible date night!
Our edible date night!

3.) A love jar
I actually got this cheesy one year, believe it or not. I filled an old mason jar with slips of pink and white paper that listed all the things that I loved about my husband on them (individually, of course). And then, when I ran out of stuff to list, I asked my daughters for suggestions! They actually got really into helping me, decorating the jar with glittery heart stickers, and it was a whole fun family night when we surprised him with it later that evening. I included things like, “I love your support for my career,” and “I love how you make the kids laugh more than anyone in the world.” I let myself get as cheesy as I could and show my husband just how much I appreciated him.

Brittany of The Lily Field has some of the most ridiculously cute date night ideas you will ever find on the Internet. Seriously, I pin stuff from her site on my “Inspiration” board because it’s just that good. Some of her awesome date night ideas for at-home include:

4.) Tapas night
You know, create cute little appetizer/finger food to go alongside your wine? Maybe if you’re not at that grossed-out stage of your relationship, you can even do that nauseatingly cute feeding-each-other thing.

Image via avlxyz/Flickr

5.) Make a love list
Make a list of 25 things that make you happy, and then have your spouse or partner try to come up with his own list of what makes you happy — you’re guaranteed to learn a lot from this little exercise. We haven’t tried this one yet, but I can imagine it would be a great way for me to learn what makes my husband happy as opposed to what I think makes him happy. (Like me asking him a hundred times a day, are you happy? is probably more annoying than I realize … )

6.) Create a crossword
Britt’s husband crafted a cutesy crossword puzzle of their love life together for her in one of their infamous at-home date nights, and I just thought it was such a unique idea — there are tons of sites that let you create a customizable crossword puzzle for free. So fun. You can make your own love puzzle here.

7.) Iron Chef competition
A basket full of “mystery” ingredients, a timer, and a spirit of competition. And don’t worry, there’s always take-out pizza if your little competition doesn’t yield an “edible” result. If you’re a little challenged in the creative kitchen department (cough, cough), make things easy on yourself and pick a one food theme for the evening. Here’s a great example of a couple who chose that all-time food of lovers: bacon.

And if your at-home Valentine’s Day date night doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry.

I know all about Valentine’s Day disappointment. And I promise you, you will get through. In fact, there may even be a bright side to learning the truth about love and marriage, after all.

But maybe next time, pants would help.

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