7 Habits Which Create an Unbreakable Marriage

Happily ever after is a myth! I’ve been married 12 years, and I know many couples who’ve been married longer. I have yet to experience or see a couple living happily ever after. But what I have experienced and seen is an unbreakable marriage.

Unbreakable marriages are like Palm trees

I live in the midwest where we have tornadoes. When a tornado touches down in the area one way you know is by the broken trees it leaves in its path. States like Florida don’t have tornados, but they have hurricanes.

I’m not sure which is worse. But after a hurricane comes through you don’t see many broken trees like in the midwest. Because they have Palm trees. Palm trees bend, but don’t break. That is more like my marriage, than happily ever after.

Both types of trees go through storms. One type of tree breaks, the other bends, and bounces back when the storm passes. All marriages go through storms. Some marriages break, while others bend and bounce back. What is the difference?

A few habits can make the difference in a marriage that ends on the negative side of the statistics, and an unbreakable marriage.

Here are 7 habits which create an unbreakable marriage.

  • 7 Habits Which Create an Unbreakable Marriage 1 of 8
    7 Habits Which Create an Unbreakable Marriage

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  • The habit of communication 2 of 8
    The habit of communication

    Try to have a relationship, any type of relationship without communicating. It doesn't exist. Relationships are based on relating. Communication is a key form of relating.

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  • The habit of sex 3 of 8
    The habit of sex

    Sex is important. Sex is very important. Sex is the celebration of connecting in other ways in your relationship. Unbreakable marriages celebrate.

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  • The habit of spending time 4 of 8
    The habit of spending time

    I'm not saying a distance relationship will not work for a while. But if a marriage is to be unbreakable then some quality time has to happen.

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  • The habit of laughing 5 of 8
    The habit of laughing

    Laughter makes the heart grow fonder. Unbreakable marriages have fun, they laugh, they joke, and they have good times.

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  • The habit of praying 6 of 8
    The habit of praying

    Many marriages pray, but unbreakable marriages make it a habit. And they pray for and with each other. Try praying for your spouse when you are mad at your spouse. It works for unbreakable marriages.

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  • The habit of serving 7 of 8
    The habit of serving

    Serving is a selfless act. You cannot have an unbreakable marriage being selfish. Unbreakable marriages make serving the other person a priority.

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  • The habit of commitment 8 of 8
    The habit of commitment

    Commitment is not a one time thing. When you are married you have to continually commit. Year after year. Month after month. Day after day. Moment after moment. Doing so creates an unbreakable marriage.

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What do you allows some marriages to bend, but not break?

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