7 Love Lessons From My Momma That I’m Glad I Ignore

If your momma is anything like my momma, she’s tried guiding you through life even when you’re not listening. My mom takes it to the extreme. From reminding me to take my umbrella when it is raining to wiping away crumbs from my mouth, she is a tad overprotective.

Mami is a nurturer. And nurturer’s never want to see their loved ones hurt. Even if I roll my eyes after she asks, “Do you have your coat on?” in the middle of winter, she will never stop giving me advice.

But that’s what mother’s do, don’t they? Give their daughters advice about what to wear, how to cook and how to date. Mami has expressed her hopes for me, her second daughter and middle child, about what kind of man she wants me to marry. She has advised me about sex and how to “date,” and what not to do because I am a “lady.” As a typical daughter, I’ve ignored most of her love lessons. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

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    7 Love Lessons From My Momma That I Ignored

    Did your mother ever give you love advice that you ignored? My mom sure did! Check out the slideshow for all her wisdom. 

  • No Hanky Panky 2 of 8
    Bed Sheets

    If it were up to my mother, I'd still be a virgin. Even though she once told me I didn't have to wait 'til marriage, she did suggest waiting for "the one." Well, "the one" hasn't come along yet. If he had, I'd probably be married. And a woman has needs. Sorry mom! Photo Credit: Flickr/SLM. 

  • Don’t Chase a Man 3 of 8
    Woman Running

    I've been the initiator in relationships. I've spotted a man at a bar and approached him. I've even asked for a man's number. If Mami knew, she'd hang her head in shame. That is not very ladylike! I know, Mom. But times have changed.  Photo Credit: Flickr/kharied.

  • Stop Going Out So Much 4 of 8

    Mami is old school. She never danced on tabletops and never hit the club as a 21-year-old single woman. And she was single then. Unfortunately, she was too busy working to support her parents and siblings. Too busy to party. She thinks that I need to do the same when I am in relationship. I shouldn't go out to a bar or out with my girls. I need to be a good girlfriend and stay by my man's side. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Photo Credit: Flickr/TheVaultDFW.

  • Aint Nobody’s Business 5 of 8
    Girl Code

    Mami is from the Dominican Republic, a country in the Caribbean island where smiles are a dime a dozen and "el que diran" runs rampant. What is "el que diran"? It's gossip, hearsay, and all that jazz. This is why Mami advises me to keep my relationship to myself. Do you have problems with your man? Sh. Are you going to couples therapy? Sh. Speak of good things so people can only speak well of you and your relationship. Personally, I just live my life. People are going to talk regardless. Photo Credit: Sheckys.

  • Don’t Ever Call It Quits 6 of 8
    DE Landscape 08: Tiergarten Old Couple

    Mami is old school so you don't call it quits even if you hate your partner. I want to be happy, so I can't be in a relationship that makes me miserable. I do believe in making it work but sometimes it's just not supposed to last. Photo Credit: Flickr/Francisco_Osorio.

  • Don’t Let Him See You Sweat 7 of 8
    Sad Woman

    If you let a man see you cry, he knows he has you wrapped around your finger. That's what Mami thinks anyway. Mami has a lot of pride and she has passed this trait down to her second child (me!). Luckily I can find the balance between expressing myself (even if in anger or in tears) while maintaining my confidence. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Be a Good Housewife 8 of 8

    To Mami, being a good housewife means cooking and cleaning and staying home. I am very clean as well as organized but I also want my man to do his part. I will not bring you your fork and spoon and dinner every night just because my momma told me to. It's 2013. I think my future husband will know how to make a sandwich. Make me one while you're at it! Photo Credit: Flickr/TheVaultDFW.


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