7 Out of 8 Men Would Choose a Girlfriend, the Other Guy Wants Which Object?

iPhone 5sGood news, ladies! Someone who works at this British website thought it was a great idea to ask men a question that forces them to choose between having a girlfriend and an object. Which is weird, cuz like, girlfriends are objects, right? To one out of eight men, apparently women aren’t even as interesting as one shiny object. Can you guess which tech toy bad boys said they’d rather have than a girlfriend?

OMG it’s an iPhone 5s, duh! You knew that, Siri. Come on. Don’t play coy with me. And while you’re at it, tell me a joke. I don’t buy that whole “you wouldn’t understand it in my language” thing. Is that supposed to be a turn-on? I like it when you pretend to be a sexy foreigner. Meow.

Three percent of men surveyed would also dump their current partner to get a new┬áiPhone 5s. I could be outraged by this, but I’m actually encouraged that the numbers aren’t higher, because I wouldn’t be surprised if 15% of guys said they’d ditch a girl for a phone. Maybe if the survey was done in the States … not to mention the fact that I’m certain some gay guys would choose a phone over a boyfriend, too. Why are they not represented here? Consumerism knows no homophobia. Right, Barilla pasta?

I wonder how many women would answer that they’d forgo a boyfriend for the newest iPhone. Maybe even more women then men, actually, would choose the phone, because they’d just assume that men would rather have the phone, too. I don’t know. I do know that I don’t have an iPhone or a boyfriend, and I feel perfectly fine with both of those things, which puts me among a very small percentage of people, too, I’m sure.

Photo via Flickr user randychiu

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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