7 Places Your Man Wants You to Touch Him

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You may think your man wants you to go directly to one or two spots and he’ll be good. Not exactly. Just like you have certain places and ways you’d like to be touched, so does your man. And I’m not just talking about the times of intimacy.

If you’ve read some of my past posts, you’ve discovered men like to cuddle and they have feelings, which you may be hurting. Well now, you will learn some not-so-secret spots your man wants you to touch him, and why.

Although men may be more focused on getting to intercourse, not every touch has to lead to that. Some places and ways you touch him meet different needs.

Here are 7 places your man wants you to touch on him:

1. His face

Many of the razor blades hit this point perfectly. Our faces are put through so much, whether through shaving, the weather, or playing sports. There is nothing like the gentle and soothing touch of a woman’s hands on a man’s face. Place both hands on his face, rub his temples, and stroke his chin and jaw bone.

2. The back of his neck

When you embrace him wrap both hands around the back of his neck just under his head. Make sure you look him in the eyes. As I said earlier, men like to cuddle; they like to be close. You are forced to draw close to another when you do this. Typically he’ll place his hands around your waist. Where you go from here is up to you…

3. His lips with your lips or fingers

Gently, as I’m not talking about shoving your finger in his mouth to keep him quiet. A gentle rub. The lips are very sensitive, and he’ll enjoy it. It will probably lead to more so be ready…

4. His butt

He probably grabs your butt frequently. Returning the favor will show him you are still physically attracted to him and his body. Let him know just looking at him still does something to you.

5. His skin…all over

He likes your soft touch. He likes to feel your skin on his skin. Lay on him when his shirt is off. Embrace him and make sure your hands reach some skin. Whether your hands are cold or hot, he’ll enjoy it.

6. His ears

This is a great place to touch when you are intimate. You can enhance whatever you are doing at the time with this type of touch. Use it, and use it often.

7. His back

For stressful days, this is an area that must be touched. A back rub can loosen the tension and make that stress run right out of him. Back rubs should become a regular type of touch as it will relax your man and allow him to be free (mentally and emotionally) to engage with you.

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