7 Questions a Man Should Never Ask A Woman

As much as I’d like to deny it, I am a complicated person. I like my home items set in certain places. I hate to repeat myself when stating a point. And sometimes, I cry for no apparent reason. I’ll sit on my sofa as sadness engulfs me. And I sob as if I lost someone. Or as if Scandal has been cancelled.

That’s when the men I date usually run. Those that do stay chuck it up to womanhood. This generalization often offends me. It’s macho talk. But when I quiet my Feminist mind, I think: perhaps I am complicated because I am a woman.

Most women I know get upset over something daily. Whether it was something a girlfriend did or didn’t do (female friendships are like relationships) or our man asked us a question that set us off, ladies, we are hard to comprehend. But that’s what makes us fascinating. That is one of the many reasons why most of my friends are women and I love my gender.

Still, let’s give men a hand, shall we? Here are seven questions a man should never ask a woman.

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    Let's help men out by letting them into our minds. Here are seven questions men should never ask a woman. 

  • Have You Gained Weight? 2 of 8

    Talking to a woman about weight gain is like playing Russian Roulette. You will get hurt! No matter how much a woman wants her man to be honest with her, we never want to hear, "Have you gained weight?" And it doesn't have to be a question either. An ex of mine once said this to me: "You're looking a little big around the middle, huh?" Needless to say, I shot him a death stare.

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  • How Many Men Have You Slept With? 3 of 8

    Women protect their number of sexual partners like a Catholic priest protects the cross. We don't want to divulge the notches on our belt. Perhaps it has everything to do with religion or maybe we just don't remember. Whether you're embarrassed or you just don't think it's anybody's business, your number is yours to keep. So, men, please stop asking how many men I have slept with. I have taken a vow of silence.

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  • Are Those Real? 4 of 8

    I get it. Men want to know if what women have is the real thing. From breasts to hair extensions, women buy it all. Still, asking a woman if she is wearing a padded bra or if she gets lip injections is tacky. You will know soon enough, gentlemen. Well, only if you're lucky enough to get some.

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  • Are You Pregnant? 5 of 8

    This goes back to weight gain. Do not ask a woman if she is pregnant! Instead, assume she is not until she cups her belly or talks about the pregnancy or mommyhood. Also, stay away from questions like, "When are you due?" And please do not give up your seat on the train and say, "You should rest," while pointing at her huge belly.

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  • Are You PMSing? 6 of 8
    7 Questions a Man Should Never Ask A Woman

    If you want to be thrown out of bed or smothered in your sleep, ask a woman if she's being bitchy due to PMS. Oh, I dare you! Because even if she is or isn't, you are generalizing that all women are moody and irrational when Aunt Flow has come for a visit. That, my friend, is ridiculous! And no, I am not PMSing.

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  • Why Don’t You Just Stop Being Her Friend? 7 of 8

    As I said earlier, female friendships are like relationships. They are complicated, full of drama, love, trust, and most of all companionship. So, when you ask your woman why she doesn't stop talking to her friend, you are asking her why she doesn't throw away a relationship. This sets us off because we believe that relationships take work. It's not that black and white. Women don't give up that easily on the man that they love, or on their gal pals.

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  • Why Can’t You Just Let It Go? 8 of 8

    Asking a woman to "let it go" is like asking a woman to stop caring, analyzing, and trying to fix something. It's difficult for most of us to do any of that! If we haven't "let it go," it's because it affected us deeply. So, until we figure out how we feel and how to cope with whatever our man did to upset us, we won't let it go. So stop asking silly questions!

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