7 Reasons Christmas Weddings Are the Best

Personally, I always dreamed of a gorgeous fall wedding. 

The leaves turning colors in a majestic way, the crisp smell of fall in the air, a rustic-themed wedding complete with that gorgeous, wooded backdrop in Runaway Bride. (Minus the running away, of course.)

Yup, I had the picture-perfect fall wedding all planned out in my head.

Until, that is, a few unexpected things popped up in my life and we decided to bump our wedding a few months after fall.

Instead of the fall wedding that I wanted, my husband and I got married four days after Christmas, smack-dab in the holiday season, and just in time for all of our family and friends to fill the lull between Christmas and New Year’s. (Can you say 8 kegs of beer?)

But instead of the freezing, dismal affair I had imagined, our Christmastime wedding turned out to be a wintry, magical time of twinkling lights, festive greens, and chocolate — lots and lots of chocolate.

And honestly now?

I would recommend a Christmastime, winter wonderland wedding to anyone

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  • The Decorations 2 of 8

    There was seriously no need at all for us to decorate the church where we married in. I literally didn't lift a finger and the church was already more gorgeously decorated with plush flowers — all for free!


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  • The Post-Christmas Sales 3 of 8

    My mom and I had a field day with after-Christmas sales for my wedding, from everything to centerpieces (cheap greenery!) to bridesmaids' gifts (tons of festive jewelry!). Everything was cheaper, and I still use most of our decorations to this day in my house every year for Christmas. 


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  • The Flowers 4 of 8
    christmas weddings

    Again, with the flowers, there are a lot of really amazing deals around Christmastime, and you can get really creative with the types of bouquets and centerpieces to have with your wedding. For ours, we did fresh white and red roses, and incorporated mini wreaths and greenery everywhere, in keeping with a wintry wonderland theme. (Also, please ignore my husband's upside-down boutonniere. Perhaps things got a little crazy in the limo ride. Who's to really say?)


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  • The Guests 5 of 8

    Honestly, I worried a little bit that hosting a wedding in between Christmas and New Year's Day might put a damper on the festivities. I thought for sure that people would be totally partied out. Much to my surprise, however, we found that everyone we invited — and even some wedding crashers — showed up. Turns out a free party in the holiday lull was just what the doctor ordered! Or maybe some escape from all the family drama had something to do with it ... regardless, we had so many people tell us that our wedding was so much fun, and that's the best thing a bride can hear. 


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  • The Honeymoon 6 of 8

    Honestly, who wants to hit up some exotic tropical locale in the middle of June? How predictable! Escaping the winter doldrum in newlywed bliss to some sunshine paradise is so much better. And excuse this quite horrible-quality picture, but there you have an authentic honeymooon picture from me, in all my pregnant glory!


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  • The Price 7 of 8

    We found that surprisingly, a lot of our big wedding "staples," like the caterer, venue,  DJ, and even the limo, were a little bit cheaper around Christmas. It's not the most common time to get married, so there may be some great deals out there. 


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  • The Christmas Memories 8 of 8

    Honestly, one of my favorite things about our Christmas wedding is that every year, Christmastime holds extra meaning to us. Every time I unpack our Christmas decorations, I am reminded of our wedding; each year, I hang up the ornament with our wedding date inscribed on it (and hope the kids don't get to it first and smash it!), and each year, four days after Christmas, after the craziness of the season and before the rush of the New Year starts, we have a special night set aside just for us, to reconnect and reaffirm our commitment to each other. And bonus: if he didn't like my Christmas present, I have a chance to try again on our anniversary! 


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