7 Reasons Why Promiscuous Women Shouldn’t Be Shamed

Growing up, I was told not to be promiscuous. Mami sat me down and warned me to be a lady, which meant not hopping into bed with multiple partners. The thing is, she never taught me about the birds and the bees. For a while, I assumed “keeping my legs closed” meant that I needed to cross my legs when sitting down. Later in life, I finally understood what she meant and why she warned me about promiscuity.

If I got with Tom, Dick, and Harry, I had done something wrong.

For years, I believed it. I was a virgin all through college and looked down on women who slept around. I judged them. I shook my head in shame. I psychoanalyzed and assumed they were promiscuous because they had daddy issues or were sexually abused.

But I had daddy issues. My father abandoned my family when I was 12 years old. And I wasn’t sleeping around. They were just in the wrong, I thought.

Now, at 35, I see it all so differently. Being promiscuous has nothing to do with being good or bad, or lacking morals. As a matter a fact, a recent Jezebel article by Brooke Scelza states that promiscuity in females is natural.

And with that, here are 7 reasons why female promiscuity should not be shamed.

  • Evolution 1 of 7

    If you've slept with multiple men, you shouldn't feel guilty — just blame evolution. According to Scelza, women seek out multiple sexual partners due to evolution. Think of it as a strategy. Just like men hunt their lady prey, we want the best of the best so we can test the waters.


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  • We’re Biologically Built for It 2 of 7

    Did you know that we have a specific body part that is only for pleasure? It's the clitoris, and you may be surprised to learn it doesn't help with reproduction or child birth. Its sole purpose in life is to make women feel good. So, you see, we have to use it.  


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  • Men Do It Too 3 of 7

    As an adult, I tired of watching men sleep around and get kudos for it. But as soon as a woman decided she wanted to have a one-night-stand, she was called the nasty S word. It isn't fair. Men are promiscuous, and women shouldn't be made to feel bad if they are as well. 


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  • It’s Experimentation at Its Best 4 of 7

    Just like trying on shoes at the department store or test-driving cars at a dealership, some women feel the need to experiment with multiple men in the bedroom. If you are single, you can do so on your own. But after a while, you settle down with that person you have the most chemistry with. Experimenting isn't a bad thing, and women shouldn't feel bad because of it. 


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  • We’re Curious Creatures 5 of 7

    When we are kids, we are very curious about our body parts, especially our lady and guy parts. This feeling doesn't disappear when we're older, and our sex lives aren't exempt.


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  • You’re Single, and You Have Needs 6 of 7

    If you are a single woman in the 21st century, living without intimacy can be challenging. I'm not saying it's impossible. Nothing is impossible, but dating and sex go hand in hand. Courtship looks different now. If you are a single gal dating one guy, you may be sleeping together regularly. If it doesn't work out, you're going to meet another guy and another until it does work out and you're happily married. The notches on the belt rack up, but it doesn't mean you should feel ashamed — it just means you're single and have physical needs, just like any human.


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  • It Is Your Body 7 of 7

    Lastly, I am of the mindset that you can do what you want with your body. As long as your intentions are clear and you are sleeping with men for enjoyment, not self-sabotage, who am I to judge? Who is anyone? Do not feel ashamed for doing what you feel that you need. It's your body. It's your life. Live it. As long as you're happy and safe, that is all that matters. 


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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