Behind a Stale Marriage: 7 Reasons Why He Has Turned Cold

Ever reach the point in your marriage where it feels stale? It lacks engaging conversation. The time you spend together is not very fun at all, and he seems distant and cold.

Where did this all come from? Why has he turned cold?

You may handle it one of two ways — by looking internally or externally. When you look internally, you begin to second guess yourself. You begin to wonder what you did, said, or if he no longer loves you.

When you look externally, you will begin to think the worst. He is not faithful. He doesn’t want to be with you, and he wants a divorce because there is someone else.

Are those extreme examples? I don’t know. Maybe neither are the reason he has turned cold.

Here are 7 reasons why he has turned cold.

  • 7 Reasons Why He Has Turned Cold 1 of 8
    7 Reasons Why He Has Turned Cold
  • He is highly stressed 2 of 8
    He is highly stressed

    Many times when men are dealing with stressful situations, they keep it in. While their mind is focused on the stress, they don't always realize their lack of being present in the relationships around them.

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  • You are nagging him to death 3 of 8

    Whaa-whaa-whaa. This is what continuous nagging sounds like ... until he becomes completely numb to it.

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  • He’s at a crossroads in his life 4 of 8
    He's at a crossroads

    Sometimes men get to a point where they need more. We need something to fight for, something to compete against, or some excitement. When we don't have any of that, we are searching. That search can be a tough place to be in, especially when the things that we used to fight for, compete against, or excite us are no longer good for our life. It can be an adjustment.

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  • He feels like he has not been the man you need 5 of 8
    He feels like he is not the man you need him to be

    When you look up and you are not where you want to be, frustration, disappointment, and a sense of failure can heavily weigh on you. I've been there before, and my wife has been patient and praying for me. As a man, you want to be superman for your wife and kids. You want to meet all their needs and fulfill all their desires. Encourage him and remind him what is good.

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  • He needs to get out with the fellas 6 of 8
    He needs to get out with the fellas

    Just like a woman needs time with her girls, so do guys. Many times, a guy will sacrifice this time for his family. But as his wife, it would be good to encourage him to not neglect hanging with the fellas.

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  • He hates his job 7 of 8
    He hates his job

    Too much work, unfulfilling work, work he just doesn't enjoy. It can all put a man in a place where he is despondent.  

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  • You haven’t had sex in forever! 8 of 8
    You haven't had sex in forever!

    He could be cold because you are cold. One of the quickest ways to put a man in a distant, cold state is for him not to have his need of sex being met.

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Have you ever wondered what is going on with your man?

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