7 Reasons Why I Was Almost the Other Woman

There he stood by the dance floor – my former coworker. He wasn’t with her. His girlfriend of almost seven years was nowhere in sight.

We locked eyes and he walked over to me. My heart raced. My mind swirled. What were the chances that I’d bump into him in a club in the middle of Times Square? What was the universe trying to tell me?

I wanted to forget our connection. That’s one of the reasons why I left the job. When we worked together, I resisted his charm. For a year, I didn’t act on our chemistry. It never moved past flirtation. We only spent time together during work breaks, and we were rarely alone. We never even went to lunch together.

But there he stood, by my side now. How could I resist?

The night was a blur. We chatted, flirted, and posed for photos like a couple. Soon it was time to go. He asked if he could drive me home. He did, and we spoke for hours while parked in front of my building. When the sun rose from its slumber, he awakened me with a kiss.

A can’t-live-without-you, straight-from-the-movie-screen, emotional-filled kiss…

I knew I was in trouble. If I didn’t stop myself, I’d be his mistress. It was challenging, but it never amounted to a full blown affair. Still, I had my reasons for wanting him, even though it was a terrible situation. Here are seven reasons why I was almost the other woman.

  • The Almost Mistress 1 of 8
    7 Reasons Why I Was Almost the Other Woman

    Why would any woman consider being the other woman? I'll tell you because I was almost one myself. Check out the slideshow next. 

  • Universal Law of Attraction 2 of 8

    Whenever I pulled away from my coworker, something pulled me back in. To me, that night at that club was the universe's way of saying, "He's for you!" I convinced myself that it was the universe's will. That it wanted us to be together. But it wasn't at all. It was my desire that brought him to me that night in Times Square. I wanted to be with him so badly that pulled him in. My energy and attraction brought him into my life that night. The universe had nothing to do with it. Photo Credit:

  • Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater 3 of 8
    They say once a cheater, always a cheater. This saying stuck with me that summer. After he and I kissed, we spent more time together. A few dates here and there and a few more kisses. During one of our quick jaunts in the city, his girlfriend called. He lied and said he was running errands. It hit me that he'd do the same to me. He lied so easily; I could never trust this man. Photo Credit:
  • The Time to Heal 4 of 8

    I wanted him badly. I didn't want to wait for him to break up with his girlfriend (as he said he would, like all men do) and then give him time to heal. I wanted to be with him then, not later. But he'd need time to move on, to enjoy being single. I wasn't interested in being his rebound, much less his mistress. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • Karma, Baby 5 of 8
    Almost Kiss

    What goes around comes around and I wanted my karma as clean as possible. I am not perfect. I kissed him a handful of times and did hope that he'd leave her for me. He said he would. I prayed that he would. I thought he was my happy ending. Then I realized that happy endings don't begin by hurting others. I am happy - I walked away and hope that karma is kind. Photo Credit:

  • Signs Don’t Mean It’s Meant to Be 6 of 8

    Toward the end of our PG-rated fling, I looked up at the sky and asked for a sign. The stars twinkled and I whispered, "Please. If he and I are meant to be, give me a sign. If not, remove him from my life." The next night I went to a private event. And there he was. He was invited by a friend of a friend. His girlfriend was nowhere in sight. And he told me that she was moving out. I was thrilled. I was selfish. But that never came to be. You see, he was always going to be the same man. He told me what I wanted to hear. That's what the sign meant. It was a reminder of who he is so I could walk away. Photo Credit:

  • We Deserve Better 7 of 8
    Sad Love

    I say "we" because both his girlfriend and I deserved better. I deserve more than to be a man's other woman. She deserves more than a man who is a liar and a cheater, a man who is bad mouthing her and disrespecting their union. Once I realized this, I knew I couldn't move forward with this man or this lie. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons. 

  • He’s Not a Man 8 of 8

    A man doesn't cheat, a boy does. A man doesn't bitch and moan about his woman to another woman, he confronts his partner. A man doesn't complain about his relationship troubles, or hide or run from them, he confronts them. This man that I wanted so badly, well, he wasn't a man. When our fling began, I was a girl. When I put an end to it, I was a woman. I am thankful that it didn't go further. If it had, I'm not sure I'd be as proud of myself as I am today. Photo Credit: 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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