7 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys

I’ve been known do date a bad boy or two. I was even in love (read: in lust) with the baddest boy on campus when I was a freshman in college. At 18, I loved the chase. He was hot and cold and I enjoyed the ride even when he was frigid. There’s just something about bad boys, something about those men who play games that drives women insane in the membrane.

And bad boys are everywhere.

From our local bar to our television set, we can seek them out and try to figure them out. Whether you love Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl or had a crush on Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210, they really are irresistible.

But, why? What is it about bad boys that even entices the most logical of girls? A study from The University of British Colombia proved that women are much more attracted to men who carry proud and/or angry expressions. Men who were all smiles received little to no love. And bad boys usually seem mysterious or just mean. Have you ever seen a bad boy smile and expose a more tender side to their personality? Definitely not.

Other women shared their reasons for being attracted to these brooding yet sexy men. Here are seven reasons why women love bad boys.

  • So Irresistible 1 of 8

    Why do women love bad boys so much? Why can't we just let them go? I asked and women answered. Check out the slideshow up next! 

  • The Chase 2 of 8

    Oh, the chase! We can't figure him out, but we want to. We don't know what he feels, but we won't stop until we figure it out. And of course there's the game playing. Unfortunately most bad boys don't want to be caught. Photo Credit: Flickr/porsupah.

  • Bring Out My Wild Side 3 of 8

    Bad boys are bad, which means that they are also wild. Who better to bring out our wild sides than a man who can't be tamed? Grr! Photo Credit: Flickr/nycarthur.

  • Thrill of Taming Him 4 of 8

    Every woman thinks they can tame a bad boy. He has potential and we can bring it out! That's what Christen thought. "I felt the need to help a misled boy with potential to be a man," she said. And so she kept working on him, trying to tame his wild ways and failing at that. Photo Credit: Flickr/dhammza.

  • Rebelling Against Parents 5 of 8

    What's one way you can rebel against your parents? Date a bad boy! That's one reason why women find them so appealing, especially when we are teenage girls. "When we are young, they are just too tempting," says Lorraine. "Best way to get back at your parents for absolutely no reason." Photo Credit: Flickr/kristen-rose.

  • Not Pushovers 6 of 8

    Bad boys are tough, and so women can't walk all over them. These men don't catch feelings. They rule with an iron fist and don't ever feel any pain! Or so they'd like us to believe. But there's something sexy about a man who can't be manipulated. Karla explains her attraction to a bad boy from her past. "He wasn't easily pushed over when I pushed with my own bad ways," she said. "Since he didn't let me walk all over him, I respected him more."  Photo Credit: IMDB.

  • Unavailable Is Sexy 7 of 8

    "A bad boy gives the appearance of unavailability," said Gabriela, a lover of bad boys. And some women love unavailable men. It often stems from our own insecurity and fear of vulnerability. I once loved that unavailability because I wasn't ready to be available. There was a feeling of safety because I knew the bad boy would never be mine. He'd never commit to me, therefore I didn't have to be vulnerable. Photo Credit: Flickr/salmanahsan.

  • Our Own Fear of Commitment 8 of 8

    We know bad boys won't commit. If they do, it is rare. So, if you fear commitment, what better way to avoid relationships than to date a bad boy? It's a defense mechanism. It's a smart, short-term solution. Ultimately, even bad boys and commitment-phobes want to be loved. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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