7 Reasons Not to be Grinch When You’re Single During the Holidays

Ho ho ho! The holiday season is upon us, which means it is time to be merry and jolly. Or not? That’s right, folks. Some people are downright mean even on Christmas Day. Not everyone loves Santa. Not everyone wants a kiss under the mistletoe.

How can that be? Even I like Christmas. And I hate the cold weather. And I am spending the holiday without my family for the first time.

Wait. Why aren’t I miserable this holiday season?

Because I have a good life. It’s not perfect, but I am grateful for what I do have, including the love of my family and friends, and an awesome Christmas tree. So, I choose to be happy on Christmas. You should too. Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t be a Christmas grinch even when you’re single.

  • Be Happy During the Holidays 1 of 8

    Being single during the holidays isn't an excuse for Grinch-like behavior. Here is why you should be happy this holiday season despite your single status.


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  • You Have Fewer Gifts to Buy 2 of 8
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    Shopping for Christmas presents is really stressful, especially when shopping for a man. I remember how difficult it was to find the perfect gift for my ex. And how expensive. So, if you feel like bashing a Christmas tree because you're single this Christmas, think about the money you've saved. Being single means one less present to buy and, thus,  fewer headaches.  


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  • You Won’t Have to Spend It with Your Ex’s Family 3 of 8
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    If you didn't get along with your ex's parents or felt awkward around them, you don't have to feel that way this year. You're single, so there's no need to spend Yuletime with his parentals or any part of his family. One of my exes had really annoying cousins. But I had to spend time with them during the holidays. That experience made me more of a Grinch than being single during the holidays.  


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  • You Get to Spend It with *Your* Family and Friends 4 of 8
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    When you're in a relationship you have to compromise on holiday plans. This makes me holler, "Bah Humbug!' Not because I can't compromise. I just love spending the holidays my way, and that usually includes spending it with my family. So, consider yourself fortunate if you are single this holiday season. You can celebrate as you wish because of your single status.  


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  • There’s Less Clean Up Involved 5 of 8
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    If you've ever hosted a holiday party with your partner, you know the work that it entails. You have to cook, entertain, clean and decorate. When single, you don't invite people over — you crash parties! Realize how lucky you are to attend holiday events and enjoy yourself without lifting a finger.  


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  • You Can Put up Girly Decor (with No Shame) 6 of 8
    7 Reasons Why You Shouln’t Be a Christmas Grinch When Single

    I have a friend who decorated her Christmas tree with superhero and sports ornaments. She has two boys, and her husband is a huge sports and superhero fan as well. As a wife and mother, she catered to their needs. My tree, on the other hand, is decorated with fuchsia and gold ornaments. I even have an ornament that looks like a strobe light. And another that looks like a butterfly. It's the girliest tree because it's a tree for me and only me. And that makes me feel good. 


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  • Hope for Future Love Isn’t Lost 7 of 8

    The law of attraction is all about energy. What you give is what you get. What you put out is what you receive. If you're a Grinch this Christmas because you're single, you won't attract love. You'll attract more negativity and misery. Shake it off. Be happy, and you will receive happiness this holiday season.  


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  • You Have the Gift of Life 8 of 8

    So many people have passed. So many people suffer. Yet here we are alive and ticking. Life isn't always easy. I've experienced many heartbreaks. But I am still here. And so are you. We live, we learn and we try to do better. This holiday season, do better. Instead of thinking about what you lack, think about what you've gained. Put away your grinch sourpuss. Enjoy Christmas because you are here on Earth. 


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