7 Reasons You Should “Model” For Him

Has your husband ever asked you to model for him?  Or is this something you would love to do, but aren’t sure how he would react to it?  Either way, you should model for him.  It will be a great thing for your marriage!

What do I mean “model” for him?

I mean what you think it means.  I mean wear something he’d like to see you wear, and model it.  Something that just may stimulate intimate activities.  Even if you are years away from fitting your wedding dress size, and he is the same with his tux size, still model for him.

I’m guessing he is still attracted to you, so he’d love to see you modeling and seducing him.  But there are some other reasons you should be doing it as well.

Here are 7 reasons you should “model” for him.

  • 7 Reasons You Should "Model" for Him 1 of 8
    7 Reasons You Should "Model" for Him

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  • Other women are modeling for him daily 2 of 8
    Other women are modeling for him daily

    Your husband is constantly being hit with messages on a daily basis.  TV, internet, magazines in the checkout line, and almost everywhere he goes there are sexual images being marketed and promoted.  He is bombarded.  Modeling for him will plant your image in his mind and help him to keep moving when the other images are presented.

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  • Explicit sexual content is big business and aimed at men 3 of 8
    Explicit sexual content is big business and aimed at men

    With the good comes the bad.  The internet and technology have provided many good things.  But the ability to get pornographic content is at an all time high.  Don't let your husband's visual references be to something that is fake.  Be the real deal for him.  You can keep it clean, or to your level of comfort.  But you are real, and you are really his.  That other stuff his fake.

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  • It can be fun 4 of 8
    It can be fun

    Have fun with it.  Use your imagination to make it fun for you and him.  There is nothing like adding a little spice to your marriage.

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  • If you are uncomfortable in your own skin, this may help you get comfortable 5 of 8
    If you are uncomfortable in you own skin, this may help you get comfortable

    You might be saying, "there is no way I am doing that!"  The reason might be you have a few insecurities because your body does't look like it used to.  Modeling for your husband and seeing his enjoyment may help you to get over that and feel comfortable in your own skin.

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  • Keep him guessing 6 of 8
    Keep him guessing

    If you have never modeled for him before, then he just might be surprised in a really good way.  Many marriages get stale and old because they do the same things day in and day out.  That includes the intimacy in the relationship.  Surprise him and see how he responds.

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  • Depending upon to what extent you take it…it could be exercise. 7 of 8
    Depending upon to what extent you take could be exercise.

    Maybe you take this modeling thing real serious.  Just maybe you do some remodeling in the home to accommodate your new love of modeling.  Just maybe this could lead to some physically challenging modeling moves.  Just maybe.

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  • You both enjoy a good laugh 8 of 8
    You both enjoy a good laugh

    What if you or your husband are just completely uncomfortable with this whole "modeling" idea, and the thought is pretty embarrassing to you both.  Model for him anyway.  Be as silly as you want and let it be as embarrassing as it can get.  You are married for life, so as long as you are embarrassed together everything can still be alright.

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