7 Sexy Summer Cocktails for Couples

While reading the book The Secret Lives of Wives by Iris Krasnow a few years ago, I came across an adorable story from a couple who had been happily married for over twenty years.

Their secret to a lasting and happy union?

Happy hour.

Although this particular couple worked together, ate together, and even worked out together, they both maintained that one of the best parts of their day is when they took some time every evening to freshen up and join one another for a before-dinner aperitif.

Their story has always stuck with me for some reason and now that I’m almost (finally) done breastfeeding my third child, I am inspired to start a little sexy summer cocktail hour of my own.

So here’s a round-up of some of the fun (and aphrodisiac-laced) drinks I found that may just jump-start me on the road to happily ever after. Or at least a happy morning after.


  • Summer Aphrodisiac Cocktail 1 of 7

    Kick things off right with a fruity summer aphrodisiac drink that features pomegranate juice and fresh strawberries. Yum. 

    Photo + recipe from IamSimplyTia

  • Sweet + Spicy Thai Summer Drink 2 of 7

    Um, seriously? This looks ah-mazing. A little tartness, a lot of sweet, and an unexpected flash of heat make up this sweet and spicy cocktail. 

    Kind of like you after you drink it...

    Photo + recipe from Set the Table

  • Blackberry Ginger-Ale Cocktail 3 of 7

    Why, yes, I would love a refreshing ginger + blackberry cocktail. Revitalizing and romantic. I'll take it. 

    Photo credit + recipe from Whatever's Left

  • White Wine Peach Spritzer 4 of 7

    I had an absolutely incredible version of this drink during my anniversary husband with my dinner. Unfortunately, our anniversary is at the end of December, and I've been craving this drink in the summer heat ever since then. No time like the present, right? Maybe it will bring make some sweet, sweet memories. 

    Photo + recipe from First, Make a Roux

  • Classic Mojito. 5 of 7

    My husband makes the best mojitos. Seriously. After he spent a summer working down south, he learned how to make a fresh mojito from some locals that tops all I've ever seen. 

    And trust me, he keeps these coming. So, just this once, I will share my man's mojito with you. 

    Photo + recipe courtesy of my husband at Tiny Blue Lines

  • Strawberry mojito 6 of 7

    Speaking of mojitos, here's a lovely strawberry version I would love to try. It's nice to mix it up a little sometimes. 

    Drinks! I'm talking about the drinks, people. Get your head out of the gutter. 

    Photo + recipe from bran appetit!

  • Chocolate martini 7 of 7

    I have to end this round-up with a classic chocolate martini, I just have to. I wonder if that chocolate swirl comes in body paint?

    Photo + recipe from Dream Resorts


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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