7 Signs He is In Love with You

Love is often times portrayed as this big emotional thing. Yes, there is a feeling of love, but ultimately love is about action. Love is expressed by the actions a person takes. A surefire way to know if he is in love with you is to pay attention to his actions.

This article on discusses several situations that all women find themselves in at some point when it comes to relationships with men. And when you find yourself in these situation it can be challenging to know if he loves you or not. Pulling the petals off a flower while saying, “he loves me, he loves me not,” won’t suffice.

When my wife and I were in our early dating years, I’m sure she had no idea whether I loved her or not. However, over time the signs became obvious, and it was more than me just loving her, I was in love with her. I don’t know if she was paying attention, but my actions showed it all the way. I gave her at least 7 signs, in the form of my actions, that revealed I was in love with her.

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    7 signs he is in love with you

    Love is about action. Click through for 7 actions a man will do when he is in love with you.

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  • Time with you comes before time with anyone else 2 of 8

    When I got to the serious part of dating my wife, I began to put other relationships on the back burner, and spent most of my time with her. Hanging out with my boys wasn't as important, playing basketball (or video games) wasn't, nor anybody else. I loved this girl, and I wanted to spend just about all my time with her. The Your Tango post makes a similar point. When time with you comes before time with anybody else he loves you.

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  • He goes above and beyond to meet your needs 3 of 8

    I love myself, and I do all I can to meet my own needs -- because I love me. As I went from like to love in my relationship, my (future) wife's needs became important. They became just as important as mine, if not more. I wanted her to have all she needed, and if I could provide I would do it. And even my selfish nature couldn't get in the way of that. I agree with a point made in the Your Tango post. When he goes above and beyond to meet your needs he is in love with you.

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  • He tells everyone else about you 4 of 8

    First let me say this. If nobody knows about your relationship, then there probably is no relationship. But when he begins to tell everyone he knows about you, and wants you to meet everyone, and he goes changing his relationship status on Facebook (LOL) with a link to your profile, then he's in love, or he is heading that way fast. The Your Tango article says, he wants people to know about you.

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  • He begins to plan his life around yours 5 of 8

    Many people have spent the past 2-4 weeks setting goals and making plans for this year. I can remember when I first began considering plans with my (future) wife while setting goals and making plans. There was a shift at that point, and I knew I wanted her to be part of what I was doing. These plans could be as simple as changing up his day, so he can spend time with you, or to planning trips, changing the church he attends, or the big one...marriage. When he begins to plan his life around yours he is in love with you.

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  • He uses his resources for you 6 of 8

    I was taught a while back in a financial class that you can tell what people value and what is most important to them by looking at their checkbook. The things people value, the things people love, they spend money on them. If you love purses and bags, then Coach may appear many times in your checkbook. If you love shoes, then you might see Aldo a lot. When he uses his resources for you, then he is in love with you.

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  • He includes you with his family 7 of 8

    My wife and I are from the same town, which is about an hour from where we live in Indianapolis. When we were younger we'd both go home for holidays, and for certain events happening in our hometown.  Early on we'd connect and follow each other on the drive back home. As our relationship progressed, we began to spend time with each other while there. Later at the in love stage we began riding together, and spending the holidays together, which at one point ended with my mom proposing to my wife for me! When he includes you with his family he is in love with you.

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  • He commits to you 8 of 8

    I never thought about marriage, considered marriage, dreamed about marriage, or thought I'd ever get married. Until I fell in love with my (future) wife. Once I knew I was in love with her, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, I wanted to make a lifelong commitment to her in marriage. Men don't dream about marriage, and often times run from commitment. Although the Your Tango doesn't specifically mention marriage, which is the true measurement of commitment, it does mention making future plans together. When he runs toward commitment, and asks you to commit to him in marriage, then he is in love with you.

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Question: What’s the one thing that let you know he was in love with you

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