7 Simple Ways to Excite Your Partner

Whether you’re in a new relationship or a long-term one, simple ways to show your partner that you care, that you think of them and that you still find them sexy can go a long way. I am a firm believer that getting in the mood for the deed is easier done when foreplay is in the picture, but that doesn’t always have to be what you think it is.

Typically we think of foreplay as happening in the bed just before the actual act takes place. It gets the heat up and just makes the whole experience that much better, but really, foreplay can come in non-sexual ways that can also make a big difference in the bedroom. Simple gestures that really do qualify as foreplay that can be easily added to your day for both you and your partner to enjoy.

YourTango put together a list of 13 surprisingly sexy gestures that qualify as foreplay and I’ve outlined my 7 favorites from the list.

  • 7 Simple Gestures That Qualify as Foreplay 1 of 8

    It doesn't always have to be done in the bedroom and some simple gestures you can do at any time in the day qualify as foreplay, which is good for any relationship.

  • Take Time To Look (and Smell) Your Best 2 of 8

    According to YourTango expert Michelle Morandlooking and smelling your best could be all you need to spark that fire. Morand adds, "Your appearance and scent are the front line simulators of a man's attention and libido. So spritz on your perfume, slip into your sexiest dress and dab on some natural-looking makeup." So, while no one can expect it day in and day out, when you really want to make an impression a little makeup and dab of perfume can go a long way. 

  • Listen To Each Other, Like Really Listen 3 of 8

    I personally find that I can't be really connected to my partner in any physical way if the emotional is not there too. YourTango expert Marta Roch says that listening can be a good start for foreplay, "When we are able to listen and understand each other, we start to create the perfect environment for foreplay." 

  • Talk About Your Partner in Public (in a good light) 4 of 8

    We all love to feel special and love when people say good things about us, so why not start that with your partner. Don't go bragging, but some kind public words can really set the mood. YourTango expert Karen Sherman says that while we all love to feel special, a little talk can do a lot,  "When you also speak his accolades in public then it really speaks loudly. You're letting the world know what a great guy you have."

  • Keep Those Promises 5 of 8

    It can be hard to get in the mood for more when you are angry and even more when you feel some trust has been lost. Keeping promises is something we learn early on in childhood, but it can play an important role in your relationship. YourTango expert Michelle Morand says that keeping promises, "creates a genuine, natural warmth and desire in him for you that keeps his heart open and his hormones charged." 

  • Set Up An Adventurous Date 6 of 8

    There is nothing like a little adrenalin to get that love flame growing and if you want to add some spark and foreplay outside the bedroom, set up a date that's designed to get that adrenalin going. These type of dates can do a lot for your relationship says YourTango expert Marta Rocha, "Fun creates deep pleasure and laughter, leading to a greater sense of safety with our partners. When you feel safe in your relationship, you start to relax and feel comfortable, creating the perfect environment for true intimacy."

  • Write a Love Note 7 of 8

    If you leave your partner a love note for no reason at all (like outside a special date like an anniversary) can really make them feel great. YourTango expert Marta Rocha says that writing notes "ensures that both of you are on the same track and offers an opportunity to discuss topics that may have not been resolved between the two of you."

  • Support Their Hobbies and Interests 8 of 8

    My husband and I don't have a lot of hobbies and interest in common, but being involved in each others interests helps us feel important, loved, and connected. YourTango experMarta Rocha says that "in order to maintain closeness, it's important to support and encourage your partner's interests and hobbies through encouraging words, giving him time and space to engage in those activities, and for you to be supportive by being physically present. If your partner enjoys playing basketball, cheer him on at his next game."

Be sure to check out the other simple gestures that qualify as foreplay on YourTango

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