7 Things I Wish My Blind Date Would Have Done

I went on a blind date on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I understand how ludicrous that sounds. Why would anyone go on a blind date on the one day of the year that celebrates love and union? What can I say? I wanted to tell a tale.

I met him virtually on HowAboutWe only a few sunrises before Cupid’s day. Our conversation flowed over email, and he looked cute in his photos. So he asked me out. He was even open to spending time with me on Valentine’s Day.

“It could be really weird … or really great,” he said. The hopeless romantic that lies within me agreed.

We spoke on the phone the night before our blind date. I liked his voice. We chatted, got to know each other a little better, and solidified plans.

“Where would you like to go?” he asked.

I emphasized that he should plan the date and do his research. I did help him out by requesting we go somewhere where there’d be dinner and drinks. Good, he said. It was all set. We would meet at 5:30 p.m., and he’d text the location the following day.

He did. And I instantly knew I was in trouble. But I wanted to stay open. So I went on a blind date on Valentine’s Day. And here’s what I wish my date would have done.

  • Dos and Don’ts 1 of 8
    7 Things I Wish My Blind Date Would Have Done

    When on a blind date, there is some behavior that is unacceptable. Here's what I wish my blind date would have done. 


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  • Fed Me 2 of 8

    Remember how I requested dinner and drinks? Well, my blind date texted me our meet-up location and I knew both wouldn't happen. He chose a great establishment in Chelsea ... that has no kitchen. So I was going on a date with a man at 5:30 p.m. on an empty stomach ... to just drink. What did I have for dinner? Two Moscow Mules. 


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  • Ask Me Questions 3 of 8

    When a person wants to get to know you they ask questions about you. My blind date did nothing of the sort. He was too busy talking and talking and talking ... about his life, his brother, his job. When I tried to share anything about my life, he would cut me off and bring it back to him. 


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  • Talk About Something Other Than Work 4 of 8

    OK, so you want to be a conversation hog. Can you at least entertain me? My blind date talked about one thing for most of the night — teaching. He ranted and raved about the injustices of the educational system and how much he hates his job. Um, dude. You aren't at work! 


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  • Show Interest in My Work 5 of 8

    He wanted to talk about work. OK. Got it. What he didn't do was ask me about my career. He knew I was a writer, yet he didn't ask what kind of writing I do. Instead, he asked me to read a poem that he had written. He excused himself to go to the bathroom, whipped out his cell phone, and asked me to read his poem ... about how much he hates teaching. 


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  • Left His Dangling Key Chain At Home 6 of 8
    Key Chain

    My blind date is a physical education teacher. And he looked the part. You know the whistle that your gym teacher carried in his pocket? The one with the rope that dangled and jiggled when he walked? My date had this same key chain in his pocket. He should have left it at home. Or, since he hates it so much, work.


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  • Told Me He Was Bald 7 of 8
    Bald Guy

    In all of his photos, he had a hat on. All. Of. Them. I thought it was odd. A clear indication there was something up on top. But I wanted to be open. Besides, there was one photo where he had a full head of hair. So imagine my shock when I walk in and note his obvious bald spot. I was bamboozled, y'all! 


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  • Leave My Culture Out of It 8 of 8

    My blind date was a white guy from Long Island. No big deal. I date men from all races and cultures. But when he began arguing with me about my culture in a self-righteous tone, I was over it. I refused to sit another minute with this man. I chewed him out (I was so hungry!) and called it a night.


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