7 Things My Husband and I Do Before the Start of the New Year

New Year’s Eve is days away! I’m excited to ring in the new year beside my husband and my babies. As much as I cry over the fact that time goes by fast, and as much as I wish it would stop from time to time so I can bask even longer in my babies’ childhood, I am thankful. Each year we ring in together is a reminder that we are blessed. We have the opportunity to travel through life together — as a family.

In anticipation of the big countdown, I’m sharing some of the things my husband and I do before the new year. Some of them are done on New Year’s Eve, while others occur in the months, weeks or days leading up to it.

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    7 Things My Husband and I Do Before the Start of the New Year

    Take a look at 7 of the things we do before the start of the New Year!

  • We Reminisce 2 of 8

    Do you remember when this happened and that happened? I was so worried and stressed and wondering how we would get through it, but hey, look, we did!
    And we are stronger, wiser and closer for it.

    Also remember that awesome date we went on? I can't wait to do that again.


    We reminisce often, but it seems this is the time of year when we do even more of it than usual. Standing here on the cusp of the end of 2013 we are able to see the year differently than we did while in the thick of it. Despite the challenges that
    come with living, 2013 was pretty sweet.

  • We Dream 3 of 8

    I am quite the dreamer. It was my dreaming (God's grace and my husband's support) that enabled me to tread through 2013 as a writer and a WAHM. But as we live and learn, I've come to find that dreams change. Sometimes our dreams change because we change and sometimes because our circumstances change.


    The upcoming year will result in a little modifying of our dreams. Not necessarily letting them go or giving up on them, but living and achieving them in a way that is best for our family. But professional dreams aren't the only dreams we dream. We dream of things like a real family vacation, to be debt-free and to grow even closer as a family and a couple.

  • We Plan 4 of 8

    While we engage in our share of dreaming, we also take some time to plan. We make our game plan. There are some things that you simply can't prepare for. But there are some things you can. 2014 is a year when some of the changes I've written about will really take shape. So my husband and I are having lots of conversations centered on planning and preparing for our family's future.

  • We Give Affirmations 5 of 8

    Affirmation is something that is important to me. In our reminiscing and planning are affirmations that remind us that we are going to do this life thing together just as we've been doing. Not out of obligation but out of love and our commitment to each other. We had each other's back in 2013 and we will in 2014, too.


    There will be disagreements and tears (of frustration and joy), memories made, celebrations had, obstacles overcome, and new lessons learned. But each year gets even better for us. And 2014 just might be our best year yet! And whether things fall into place with great ease or we find ourselves standing in the middle of June asking ourselves What the ... ? It will be OK. We aren't in this alone. We've got God, and thanks to Him we've got each other.

  • We Make a Memory 6 of 8

    By living we are always in the process of memory making, but we love making a special memory on NYE as a family too. Whether it is enjoying a special meal together or ice skating, this act reaffirms the importance of family for us. We end the year together and look forward to starting it together. These are memories that my husband and I will reminisce about one day when it is just the two of us.

  • We Pray 7 of 8

    Aside from each other and our family, our relationship with God is the most important thing in our lives. It is the glue that holds us together. We spend a lot of time praying for our family, our marriage, our loved ones, and the world.


    In the final moments of the year, we pray and thank God for His blessings, grace and mercy, and we ask Him to bless, guide and protect us as we embark on our journey into the next year. We ask for strength to endure and for joy to fill our hearts and home. We give Him praise. Because we know we couldn't have gotten through this year (or any of the ones before) without Him.

  • We Kiss 8 of 8

    Technically this isn't before the start of the new year but, we do kiss on New Year's. And not always exactly at midnight but close (and sometimes it is just a kiss on the cheek). It isn't something we feel we have to do, but I most certainly welcome it. We also shower our girls with them. Our kisses and embraces are a sweet start to the year. An outward display of our love for each other.

These are some of the things my husband and I do before the New Year. What is something you and your spouse do before New Year’s?

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