7 Things to Do So Your Ex Stops Following You on Social Media

I don’t believe in being friends with my exes. Oftentimes, they still want to shack up with me. Other times, I just hate their guts for hurting my tender heart. But in this day and age, distancing myself from my exes isn’t as easy. I can’t just stop calling them or change my number. Because of social media, my ex-boyfriends can keep tabs on me and stay in my life … forever!

Take Twitter, for example. Sure, I could stop following my ex on Twitter and block him from my account. But all he needs to do is go to my Twitter feed online. If my profile is public (it is, because of work), he can see my tweets even if I’ve banished him from the bird.

Facebook is a bigger beast. I unfriended my ex, but we have mutual friends. So he can see when a friend likes my update, and I can see his comments on a thread if I commented on said thread.

Oh, the complications that arise due to social media!

But it doesn’t have to be this hard. There are ways to disconnect (literally) from your ex. Let’s get a little dirty, shall we? Here are seven things to do so your ex stops following you on social media.

  • Get Off My Facebook and Twitter! 1 of 8
    Get Off My Facebook and Twitter!

    Need to chase your ex away from your life on social media? Check out these tips. 

  • Tweet About Your Dates 2 of 8
    Sujeiry Tweet

    I often tweet about dates because of work and because I love to talk about my love life. What I didn't realize is that my ex was not too happy about my escapades. That's because he was following me on Twitter. And I began dating only a week after we broke up. His ego may have been bruised. He stopped following me shortly after I tweeted about how hot my then-date was and how beautiful our babies would be.

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  • Post Videos of Date Recaps 3 of 8
    First Date Recap on Vine

    What better way to shoo away your ex than to post date recap videos? I took this video on Vine while on my way to a date. I showed off my date night outfit and my excitement. Your ex will get annoyed and stop following you stat.

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez

  • Post Pics of Your Fab Single Life 4 of 8
    Sujeiry and The Zesty Guy

    Take tons of pics of your fabulous single life, like the photo I took of me and Anderson Riley (The Zesty Guy) at a Hollywood party. This way, your ex understands that you're just as hot now as you were when you were together. And you're still living a great life without him!

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  • Trash Talk Your Ex 5 of 8
    Angry Lady

    No man wants to read negative things about him on social media. So, that's a way to get him to leave you alone. He won't want to chat you up on Facebook if you are posting status updates about his filthy habits, cheating ways, or how boring he was in the sack. But proceed with caution. Trash talking your ex on social media can make you look worse than him.

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  • Share Inspirational Quotes Only 6 of 8
    7 Things to Do So Your Ex Stops Following You on Social Media

    Women get really sappy when heartbroken. I tend to listen to really empowering and sometimes angry songs. Then I turn to inspirational quotes. They help me feel better while turning off exes on social media. This quote in the image is a perfect example of something I'd post on Instagram or Facebook for my ex to see. Ouch!

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  • Like All His Status Updates 7 of 8
    Like Facebook Status

    If you want to be really aggressive, you can take the scary stalker approach. Your ex may be spying on you via social media, but liking every status update and picture and retweeting all his content makes you look obsessed. An obsessed woman is one a man, especially an ex, doesn't want around. It will do the trick, but you will look insane.

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  • Unfriend All His Friends 8 of 8

    If you're friends with all his friends on Facebook, your ex will have access. So, unfriend his sister, mother, best friend, drinking buddy — anyone that is connected to him. Remember, he can see your mutual friend's "likes" even if you've unfriended him. If you've built great bonds with his people and have real mutual friends, you can still hang out. Just leave it off social media.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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