7 Ways Technology Has Changed the Dating Scene

Back, forever ago when I first started dating, technology wasn’t even close to what it is today. I went on one of my first real dates when i was 16 years old and there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, and it wasn’t common to have your own mobile phone at that age — let alone a smart phone.

There’s no doubt that technology has brought so much to our life. I mean, i wouldn’t have this awesome opportunity to share my life and views with so many people and well,  I am a tech-lover. I do know that if I had to jump back into the dating game in this technology age, things would be so different than when I was first starting to date.

Technology has brought with it some good things when it comes to dating and finding love, but in other ways I think it’s also hindered the process and has made things more confusing than in the past.

Click through and read 7 ways technology has change the way we date:

  • 7 Ways Technology Has Changed Dating 1 of 8

    Some points for the better and other points, not so much. 

  • You Can’t Hide Anything 2 of 8

    If you're trying to keep your past out of your new relationship or if you're not ready to share that you're seeing someone new, it's harder to keep private. You could experience the other person changing their relationship status before you're ready.

  • You Can Find Anything Out 3 of 8

    I hear that so many people pre-screen before their first date. That means they're Googling you, Facebooking, and creeping your Instagram feed. They will already know where you went to school, if you have common friends, where you grew up, and even your favorite TV shows.

  • It’s All Public Now 4 of 8

    You can't vent about a bad date or a weird person you met because you will likely be found out if you vent online. Everything is so public now.

  • It’s Easier to Find Someone New 5 of 8

    Back in the day (yep, I'm that old), you had to meet people in your circle or just outside it. Now with technology's assistance, you can find people from all over the world. It's tempting to keep looking for the next best thing so it can be harder to settle.

  • No More Small Talk 6 of 8

    Since you already know everything about this person before you go on your first date thanks to your cyber-research, there's no room for small talk anymore. You may get easily bored as you go over information you already know and you're forced to talk in person vs social media or text which seems to be the more predominate form of communication now.

  • Easier to Be Distracted 7 of 8

    If you're on a bad date, all you need to do is take out your phone, read your texts, and scroll through twitter. That's pretty common now - rude, but common. It's so much easier to get bored through that small talk and easier to be distracted and not really in the moment, trying to get to know someone new. People love their smartphones and it's bound to get in the way of love.

  • No One Courts Anymore 8 of 8

    It used to be customary to be more romantic and persistent in your game when it comes to asking someone out. You'd have to be introduced, put yourself out there, and make a move. Now, you're just expected to contact informally though social media or text - no more phone calls.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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