8 of the Best and Most Creative Break-Up Foods

Summer, summer, summertime has come to a divine end, and perhaps so have some relationships. I didn’t get fully wrapped up in a summer fling this season. It ended before it began. Mostly because I wasn’t comfortable getting intimate. It’s unfortunate. I liked him. He would have been a great fling if he was just willing to make out like teenagers for a little longer.

Alas, that is over. Besides, few flings last past Labor Day. Once the leaves turn from green to yellow to red, it’s time to hibernate and mend our broken hearts…with food!

So, what foods do women turn to post-breakup? Here they are, from the delicious to the weirdly comforting.

  • Foods to Mend Your Broken Heart 1 of 9
    8 of the Best and Most Creative Break Up Foods

    Woe is me! I am heartbroken and I need some bad but oh-so-good break up foods. Check out the slideshow! 

  • Hot Cheetos with Lime 2 of 9
    Hot Cheetos

    Hot Cheetos may just be what you need to mask your tears. I'm not crying because of him. It's from the heat of Cheetos, I swear! Seriously. If I had Hot Cheetos, I may never love again. Too hot for my taste buds but perfect for one young lady who turned to them when she broke up with her man.

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  • French Fries and Ice Cream 3 of 9
    French Fries and Ice Cream

    I love French fries. I love ice cream. But do I dare have them together?! My cousin said she does after a breakup. This is her go-to comfort food. Much like a summer fling, something about the hot and the cold feels so right, even when it's so wrong.

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  • Lays with Lemon and Tapatio 4 of 9
    Tapatio Hot Sauce

    Tapatio is perfect for broken hearts that are tired of whining and want to get angry instead. This brand of hot sauce is produced in California. It is sold in many Mexican American grocery stores, just in case you want to get hot and bothered post breakup.

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  • Eggo Waffle with Chocolate Chips & Maple Syrup 5 of 9
    Eggo Waffles and Chocolate Chip

    And have it after 10pm, said one woman on Facebook. So, breakfast for a midnight snack is the perfect woe-is-me breakup food. Add extra chocolate chips if you're feeling really down in the dumps.

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  • Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee Ice Cream 6 of 9
    Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee

    When I asked what this tasted like, the young woman who turns to creme brulee said, "A hug from God." Who doesn't need a hug from God when heartbroken? Unfortunately, she will need to find other open arms, as Ben and Jerry's has discontinued the Creme Brulee flavor. How dare you, Ben and Jerry's! How dare you break her already broken heart?! Photo Credit: 

  • Funyuns and Sour Patch Kids 7 of 9

    This one is mine. And apparently I revert to a college student when I'm heartbroken. I love Funyuns (sue me!) and the sourness of the soft candy melts my hardened heart. I know it's bad for me, but that's exactly what I need when I am fighting back tears.

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  • A Little Bit of Nothing 8 of 9
    Pretty Plate

    One fellow lady told me she eats nothing when heartbroken. She just doesn't have an appetite. Aside from my Funyuns/Sour Patch diet, I am the same. Good for avoiding post-breakup weight gain; bad for our health. Photo Credit: Flickr/ttocsland.

  • Rice Cakes 9 of 9
    Rice Cakes

    This post breakup treat is for the woman who wants to watch her weight while mourning a lost love. The woman who chews on rice cakes post breakup said this, "Tastes like chips. Less calories." That's 'cause you want to look great for the next man.

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