8 Reasons Marrying the “Bad Boy” Might Just Be a Good Thing

You may have heard warnings about dating or marrying a bad boy.  Your mother may have told you to stay away from bad boys.  Perhaps thinking they grow up to be bad guys, and bad guys are bad for a relationship.

Maybe that advice is wrong.  Just maybe your marriage is better when your husband is the “bad guy.”

I’ve been both the bad guy and the good guy in my marriage.  And I have to admit, being the bad guy is much easier than being the good guy.  And I will argue that me being the bad guy makes our marriage and our family better.

It’s like once you “cross over” to the dark side of being the bad guy, the pressure is relieved and you can just do you.  That could be the best thing for your marriage.  Allowing your husband to be in the “do you” mode.

Here are 8 reasons that your marriage might benefit if he’s the “bad boy.”

  • 8 Reasons Marrying the "Bad Boy" Might Just Be a Good Thing 1 of 9
    8 Reasons Marrying the “Bad Boy” Might Just Be a Good Thing

    Click through for 8 reasons him being the bad guy is better for your marriage.

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  • His swag goes up a notch or two 2 of 9
    His swag goes up a notch or two

    Something about being a bad boy gives a guy a little more of an edge.  It's the reason why girls like bad boys.  There is something different.  They are more confident.  They have a little more swag, and it shows.

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  • He loves harder 3 of 9
    He loves harder

    Your man really loves you.  When he has let you down, or hasn't met your needs, then he is going to make sure it doesn't happen again.  More passion, more care, and more him for you.

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  • He just does what needs to be done 4 of 9
    He just does what needs to be done

    Once a guy feels like he is the bad guy, he just handles his business.  Sometimes your relationship needs to get to this point where he just handles his business.  The commitments you both made, he does them without thought.  He listens, but isn't overly concerned with what other people think about him anymore.  Things that may have been undone, get done.

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  • He can only go up from the bottom 5 of 9
    He can only go up from the bottom

    Once at the bottom, there is no where to go but up.  Some guys relish this position.  The underdog.  Me against the world.  Doing it because somebody thinks he can't.  If your relationship hits rock bottom, he knows it can't go any lower and works to prove any doubters of your relationship or of him wrong.

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  • He works harder 6 of 9
    He works harder

    Similar to the point above, when his back is against the wall, he works his hardest.  Because being in that position isn't comfortable, and nobody likes to remain uncomfortable.  He'll work like ever to get out of that position.  This could be a financial setback.  A career setback.  A relationship setback.  Guys don't like to be in those positions.

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  • He is mission oriented 7 of 9
    He is mission oriented

    He gets a laser-like focus.  All the extras that pulled from your relationship or weren't essential get cut out.  Watching the game vs. taking you out.  The game can wait.  When the relationship becomes the focus, and he is tuned in, the relationship gets the benefit.

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  • He’s not as sensitive 8 of 9
    He's not as sensitive

    He's already reached rock bottom.  No matter how he got there, he is there.  No sense in playing the victim, because playing the victim won't help him here.  So his feelings don't get hurt as much.  Wait, you didn't know men had feelings too?

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  • He’ll do anything to improve your relationship 9 of 9
    He'll do anything to improve the relationship

    Maybe you relationship is at the point where counseling or some form of outside help is needed.  If he hadn't considered marriage counseling or couples therapy before, he just may now.

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How does your relationship change when he is the “bad guy?”

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