8 Romantic Date Ideas For Bad Weather Days

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a romantic date with my husband. We’ve both been working like crazy and when we get babysitters, we’ve had to use them for the many doctor appointments I’ve had on account of being pregnant and needing some extra check-ups. I am hoping to go out on a loving, romantic date soon because we could both really use it.

As the summer winds down, the weather can be quite unpredictable. One day it’s crazy hot and humid while the next brings raging thunderstorms and high winds. I don’t want the weather to stop that romantic date for the very few times we can get away, but typical romantic dates include being outdoors, having picnics, or laying at the beach. I have been brainstorming some ideas for romantic dates that won’t let the weather get in the way.

Unfortunately not all days come with amazing weather. Check out these romantic date ideas for when the weather is bad that will still leave you entertained, happy, and with romance in the air:

  • 8 Romantic Date Ideas For Bad Weather Days 1 of 9

    If the weather is bad, don't let that keep you from the romance!

  • Cuddle In For a Movie 2 of 9

    Grab a comfortable blanket, a big bowl of popcorn and watch a movie together on the couch. You can enjoy the sounds of the outside weather without having to go outside or compromise the romance.

  • Cook a New Meal Together 3 of 9

    Pick something you've both wanted to try, yet neither of you have made. You can make the grocery list, go shopping, and come home and cook together which can be very romantic. Next, you can sit in front of a fire and enjoy the meal made with love.

  • Have a Coffee Shop Date 4 of 9

    While coffee shop dates are usually reserved for first dates, why not take it back there? You can enjoy conversation in a quiet environment and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and watch the rain come down outside.

  • Go Play Laser Tag 5 of 9

    While it may not seem totally romantic, some friendly competition can really amp up your sparks. Get your endorphins going with the exercise and the thrill of who's going to win.

  • Video Game Tournament 6 of 9

    Again that friendly competition can be brought in to spark the romance and you can spend all day fighting against each other in a fun at-home date.

  • Go Work Out 7 of 9

    Those endorphins can do a lot for your romance and working out at the gym may not sound like a great idea, but it can be for sure. Take a class together and enjoy getting physical while staying out of the rain.

  • Visit The Art Gallery 8 of 9

    You both pass it all the time and say you'll go in one day -- well, why not when the weather is not the best? Take in the sights of the artwork, discuss, and enjoy each other's company.

  • Go Play in the Rain 9 of 9

    Who says you have to stay indoors during the storm -- go out, get wet, and have fun!

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