8 Signs Youre Financially Cheating on Your Spouse

Cheating continues to be a problem many couples face. For some what constitutes as actual cheating varies blurring the lines between playing with fire and actually getting burned. But cheating isn’t always sexual. Some couples struggle to get over the aftermath of an emotional affair. And then there are those dealing with the fallout behind a spouse who was financially unfaithful. In case you weren’t aware, it’s possible to cheat on your spouse financially too. You may be surprised to learn that you already have. This notion comes from Your Tango; recently they posted the question “are you financially cheating on your spouse?” With many marriages struggling and even ending over financial woes perhaps this concept isn’t all that farfetched. The article also notes that some see financial cheating to be just as bad as sexual infidelity and even as a segue to such. Take a look at some of the signs that you’re a financial cheater:

  • 8 Signs You’re Financially Cheating on Your Spouse 1 of 9
    Signs You’re Financially Cheating

    Are you guilty of financially cheating on your spouse? Take a look at 8 possible signs that you are.

  • You hide money problems from your spouse 2 of 9

    A study referenced in the Your Tango article noted "one in four spouses wouldn't tell their partners about financial difficulties." Are you in financial trouble unbeknownst to your spouse?

  • You hide poor money management habits 3 of 9

    Some spouses will go so far as to actually hide their poor spending habits from their spouse. Does your spouse know that you are a compulsive spender or often incur late fees due to an inability to consistently pay your bills on time?

  • You keep a secret stash 4 of 9

    Do you have bank and investment accounts that your spouse doesn't even know about? The study referenced by Your Tango found that 1/3 of participants kept secrets from their spouse due to having conflicting beliefs when it came to money, credit and debt.

  • You lie about money spent 5 of 9

    Lies about the money you spent and not being open and honest about withdrawals from shared bank accounts can lead to problems between you and your spouse.

  • You hide purchases 6 of 9

    Ok, so you don't think your spouse really needs to know that you scored a cute dress on sale at the mall. But constantly hiding purchases from your spouse is a red flag.

  • You have a separate account 7 of 9

    Some couples prefer to have separate accounts but also opt to have a joint account; however, do you and your spouse have entirely separate accounts, none of them having shared access?

  • You get defensive over money discussions 8 of 9

    Do you get defensive when the topic of money is raised?

  • You are controlling all the money 9 of 9

    According to Your Tango "a partner who wants to control the finances with no input" is a sign of someone who is financially cheating. This is different than having one spouse assume the responsibility of paying monthly bills because they are strong in the area of organization and finances. This is more along the lines of not allowing your spouse any access to money without going directly through you.


Trust is key to a successful relationship and being honest about finances is a part of maintaining the trust you and your spouse have established. I’ve heard of couples where one doesn’t tell their spouse about a secret stash of money or won’t give them access to it because they know their spouse has poor money management habits. And some encourage spouses to keep a “rainy day” fund tucked away in the event their relationship ends in divorce. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe it’s possible to cheat on your spouse financially? For more on financial infidelity as well as tips to overcome it, visit Your Tango.

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