8 Silly Relationship Dealbreakers to Forget

Surprise! I’ve recently begun dating an interesting fellow. He’s cute, intelligent and quite the kisser. Still, I’ve been thinking about our relationship status and whether he is “husband material.”

I know, I know. I should have fun! But at 35 I have to consider my options and analyze whether we are compatible for long term. He may be an amazing conversationalist and have great, kissable lips, but some things are non-negotiable, like a desire for marriage and children. Other dealbreakers, however, are just silly. I’ve been known to put demands on men that don’t make any sense at all. There’s a difference between not dating a man because he has kids, or, like a recent The Frisky post explained, passing on a man who is newly separated. But I turned down a prospect because he walked with a female gait.

Well, no more! I am abandoning my frivolous dealbreakers, and maybe (if you are anything like me) you should too. Here are eight silly relationship dealbreakers to forget.

  • 8 Silly Relationship Dealbreakers to Forget 1 of 9
    8 Silly Relationship Dealbreakers to Forget

    Having standards doesn't mean we have to put men through the ringer. Check out the slideshow of silly relationship dealbreakers! I'm guilty of cutting men off because of these, have you? Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

  • Short Short Man 2 of 9
    Short Man

    Height is important but it doesn't make the man. You may pass up a wonderful relationship that may reach new heights because he wasn't five foot ten.

    Photo Credit: Flickr/NathanBaker

  • Blue Collar Work 3 of 9
    Contruction Worker

    As long as a man supports himself legally, works hard and wants to build a great life, what he does for a living shouldn't matter. I was once against dating anyone who wasn't in Corporate America or who didn't have a "career." A job is also respectable. Not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur and run the world to be a great catch.

    Photo Credit: Flickr/59949757@N06

  • College Education 4 of 9
    College Graduation

    A man with an education is ideal but it doesn't mean he is unintelligent if he didn't go to college. I have met many men with walls covered in diplomas, but who lack common sense. A mental connection stems from much more than that piece of paper.  

    Photo Credit: Flickr/SalfordUniversity

  • Ethnic Flavor 5 of 9
    Mario Lopez

    I have a confession to make. I love Latino men (and Mario Lopez' ripped abs). However, I have opened my eyes to other cultures because race and ethnicity doesn't take away from a man's greatness.

     Photo Credit: Flickr/PerfectBoys

  • Foodies Versus Non 6 of 9
    Food Sushi

    I am terribly picky with food, and so I was often turned off by men with a diverse palate. I was actually embarrassed. A foodie would want to feed me exotic foods and I'd have to refuse. Or worse, gag and spit the food out like a child. Now I see it as an opportunity to learn...hopefully. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/NickTakesPics

  • Grammar Police 7 of 9
    Bad Grammar

    As a writer, I get annoyed when people don't use periods or commas. I am even outraged when friends spell "you" as "u" on Facebook. I've applied the same grammar rules on men. One text with a, "heeey r u free," and I'd run for the hills. It still drives me nuts but it isn't enough of a reason to go missing. 

    Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez

  • Promiscuous Past 8 of 9
    Bed Sheets

    I once questioned a man's intentions because he hadn't been in a real relationship for years. He played the field instead, so I assumed there was something wrong with him and that he could not be trusted. That was unfair of me. We all have a past and shouldn't be judged by the actions of our youth. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/ifeel_infinite

  • Tech Deprived 9 of 9
    Flip Phone

    As a big tech and social media fanatic, particularly when it comes to anything Apple, I'd judged men who still used flip phones. What are you? 60? I'd exclaim. But I realize it's just silly. It may even be a good thing that they aren't addicted to Facebook and Twitter like some people I know (all signs point to me). A face to face connection is better than connecting on Facebook any day. 

    Photo Credit: Flickr/a_ninjamonkey

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