8 Strange Pet Names To Call Your Man

My name is Sujeiry. Some folks have attempted to call me “Su” but I give them a death stare and they blurt out “Jeiry.” Family members, however, have called me by other names. When I was a child, my mother, sister and brother called me Flaca, which means skinny girl. It is a popular nickname in the Latino culture for girls with lanky bodies and small frames.

But a significant other has never blessed me with a cutesy, sugary pet name. It’s always been the typical “babe,” “baby,” and “hun.” I am part of a minority; pet names seem to be all the rage. Some nicknames are hilarious and even outrageous. And so I made a list! Here are eight strange pet names to call your man.

  • Strange Pet Names to Call Your Man: Did Yours Make the List? 1 of 9
    8 Strange Pet Names To Call Your Man

    What do you call your significant other? Find out if your pet name makes the list! 

  • Poopsy Bear 2 of 9
    Teddy Bear

    Yes, someone actually uses the word poop as a term of endearment. Whatever turns you on? 

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  • Cuchifrito 3 of 9
    Fried Porkrinds

    What is a cuchifrito per say? It is a yummy fried treat that many Dominicans eat. Cuchifritos are sold out of food trucks. Said food trucks can usually be found in New York City after 2 a.m., when you've tired yourself by dancing the night away with your very own cuchifrito. 

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  • Dogg 4 of 9
    Dog with Sunglasses

    Dogg, as in, "What up dog?" This name actually came from a reader. And she made sure I knew that it's dog with two g's. Oy vey! 

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  • Mr. Wonderful 5 of 9
    Mr. Wonderful

    Okay, I kind of like this one! Who doesn't want to be called wonderful all the time? Still, it be kind of awkward if Mr. Wonderful turns out to be Mr. Butthead. I guess it's the risk this wife takes every day with her husband. 

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  • Butter Bean 6 of 9
    Butter Beans

    Butter Bean is...special. I mean, how does this name even come about? Maybe he really likes to eat butter beans. Or someone's face was greasy. Oh, love!

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  • Boocake Boobie 7 of 9
    Corset Cake

    I'm assuming this couple likes cake and perhaps the lady (or the man - you never know) has a prominent chest area. How else can this come about as a pet name? Only these two lovebirds know. 

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  • Cara 8 of 9
    Face Paint

    In Spanish, "cara" means face. So this wife calls her husband "face." I wonder if he retorts, "Toe!" 

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  • Fuffy Fuffy 9 of 9
    Brigitte Nielsen and Flava Flav

    This takes me back to the amazing show called "The Surreal Life," where Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav fell in love! She called him Fuffy Fuffy and it melted my already tender heart. 

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