8 Surprising Couples’ Milestones in Every Relationship

Everyone knows that relationships can lose their spark after awhile.

In fact, I thought that our first year of marriage was nowhere near the hardest, simply because there were so many exciting milestones that happened in our relationship….the first apartment, our first baby, our first joint checking account, our first house, etc.

And although those were all the “typical” milestones, when I look back, I realize that there are a lot more than the usual suspects when it comes to the milestones that every couple will go through in a relationship. And maybe, just maybe the more surprising milestones are actually more important than you may realize…

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  • The first time you try to cook for him…and fail miserably. 2 of 10

    I'll never forget the first time I failed miserably at trying to impress by then-boyfriend-now-husband with my culinary skills, probably because it was only our second date. The night of the incident went down on Sweetest Day, when I tried to whip up a batch of brownies for my sweetie — and failed epically. Somehow, I managed to ruin not one, not two, but three pans of boxed brownies. Honestly, I'm still embarrassed about this. But on the plus side, we now have a nice little tradition of making brownies for Sweetest Day every year in a remembrance of how far we have come together. In the kitchen, of course. 

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  • The first time he walks in on you in the bathroom. 3 of 10

    My husband (and actually, now that I think about it, so does every person in our household...hmmm...) has an uncanny knack of predicting the exact moment I escape to the bathroom alone...only to have him burst in. (Our bathroom door lock is broken from so many small children who can't stand to have mama out of their sight for more than 5 seconds.) And although it's definitely awkward the first time it happens, if you're in a long-term relationship, it's bound to happen sooner or later, right?

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  • And speaking of bathrooms… 4 of 10

    This third milestone is kind of a big deal. That moment when you realize that your significant other has used the last of the toilet paper...and not replaced it with a fresh one. And you decide to love him or her anyways. That's #truelove, folks. 

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  • The first introduction. 5 of 10

    Whether it's the "Hi, meet my girlfriend," or "have you met my wife?" that first introduction can be such a sweet moment and milestone for every couple. I still get a little thrill every time my husband calls me his wife — after almost six years!

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  • The first bad romp in the sack. 6 of 10

    Yup, I went there. I think this is a totally legitimate milestone, because it will happen in a marriage and instead of dwelling on if your sex lives will forever be doomed or if you're a horrible lover, use it as an occasion to laugh and share what does work for you in the bedroom — it can only make you closer! 

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  • The first friendship. 7 of 10

    "One of my personal favorite "firsts" is the day that partners realize they have become best friends," says Dr. Carla, a Psychologist at Lifespan Psychological Services. Awwww. (Although she must not be friends with Psychologist Dr. Rachel, who swears that spouses shouldn't be best friends.Hmmm...I wonder who's actually right on this one?)

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  • The first make-up session. 8 of 10

    Although Dr. Carla explains that "the terrible first fight allows each partner to gauge how the other reacts in times of conflict, stress, and discord," the real meat-`n-potatoes milestone of fighting is what comes afterwards. And we don't mean anything risque, so get your head out of the gutter. "The first post-fight make-up session gives further insight into communication style and abilities," explains Dr. Carla. 

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  • Your first party together. 9 of 10
    Party This Way

    Playing hostess-with-the-mostest with your sweetest is kind of a big deal. You'll get to see how you interact together in a somewhat stressful situation, who will take the lead, who will do the cooking, who will do the cleaning, and how well you work together as a lovebird team. Plus, it's just fun to do the whole coupley thing, isn't it? And just think, even in the worst case scenario, you could still hit milestone #7!

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  • Why the firsts are important. 10 of 10

    From the "big" things like the first house, to the "small" things like becoming BFFs, the milestones we reach as couples are important. As Dr. Carla says, "Life's milestones have a way of bringing us face-to-face with ourselves; they give us the opportunity to learn, connect, and love more fully." Well said, Dr. Carla, well said. 

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